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Hey! I’m Fuse, I have blogged about travel for years on my marketing blog, but I decided it was time for my travel passion to have its own home.

Brazilian born, Jersey raised, currently living in South Lover and obsessed with Italy Travel. I am a new travel writer. Mom of 3 teens, lover of red cab and strong coffee. I am a member of the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association.

My New Travel Career Journey

I am excited to share that I am embarking on a new chapter in my career journey, fusing my passion for travel writing and photography to help destination marketing organizations and tourism boards succeed in promoting their brand and events.

With over 15 years of experience in photography and marketing and a newfound passion for travel writing, I have the unique skill set to provide a range of services to help organizations and boards achieve their marketing goals.

As a travel writer, I am dedicated to capturing a destination’s essence and telling its story through words. My experience in digital marketing has also taught me the value of creating content that appeals to a specific audience, and I am confident in my ability to develop compelling travel content that promotes destinations and events.

I am committed to assisting destination marketing organizations and tourism boards in promoting their brand and events and attracting sponsors and attendees by combining my skills in travel writing and photography with my marketing expertise.

I am available to assist with creating content for a destination website, capturing incredible photos for a marketing campaign, or providing live social media coverage of an event.

Thank you for your encouragement as I embark on this new adventure. I’m excited to connect with destination marketing organizations and tourism boards and assist them in meeting their marketing objectives through compelling content and stunning photography.


Why Travel? and Why Italy?

Travel fuels my soul. At first, I thought it was because I was born in a different country and had been traveling back to Brazil ever since I was 10 years old. But once I landed in Europe and specifically Italy, I felt so connected to it and I could not understand why. I then Googled it and found out it was called Soul Place. I love going back to Brazil as it feels familiar and I feel renewed. Plus there is great food

and amazing friends and family, but Italy hits a different spot. Europe just has this vibe of old and new that I find fascinating. For me, it’s a lifestyle and not just simply a hobby or a thing I do. I am also a professional photographer and marketing agency owner. I love creating art and seeing the world is a great way to do so.

Travel Photography

Always traveling.

Are you a travel or hospitality brand needing professional photos or content creation? Let’s chat. fusetravels@gmail.com

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