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Hey! I’m Fuse, I have blogged about travel for years on my marketing blog, but I decided it was time for my travel passion to have its own home.

Brazilian born, Jersey raised, currently living in South Lover and obsessed with Italy Travel. Mom of 3 teens, lover of red cab and strong coffee. #momover40

I have a background of teaching SEO to photographers, as I have been a photographer for a decade. Check out my top Italy Travel Tip FAQs.

Why Travel? and Why Italy?

Travel fuels my soul. At first, I thought it was because I was born in a different country and had been traveling back to Brazil ever since I was 10 years old. But once I landed in Europe and specifically Italy, I felt so connected to it and I could not understand why. I then Googled it and found out it was called Soul Place. I love going back to Brazil as it feels familiar and I feel renewed. Plus there is great food

and amazing friends and family, but Italy hits a different spot. Europe just has this vibe of old and new that I find fascinating. For me, it’s a lifestyle and not just simply a hobby or a thing I do. I am also a professional photographer and marketing agency owner. I love creating art and seeing the world is a great way to do so.

Travel Photography

Always traveling.

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