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Hey! I’m Fuse, I have blogged about travel for years on my marketing blog but I decided it was time for my travel passion to have its own home.

Brazilian born, Jersey raised, currently living in South Lover and obsessed with Italy Travel. Mom of 3 teens, lover of red cab and strong coffee. #momover40

I come from a background of teaching SEO to photographers as I have been a photographer for a decade.

Why Travel? and Why Italy?

Travel fuels my soul. At first, I thought it was because I was born in a different country and had been traveling back to Brazil ever since I was 10 years old. But once I landed in Europe and specifically Italy, I felt so connected to it and I could not understand why. I then Googled it and found out it was called Soul Place. I love going back to Brazil as it feels familiar and I feel renewed. Plus there is great food

and amazing friends and family, but Italy hits a different spot. Europe just has this vibe of old and new that I find fascinating. For me, it’s a lifestyle and not just simply a hobby or a thing I do. I am also a professional photographer and marketing agency owner. I love creating art and seeing the world is a great way to do so.

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South Florida is a buzzing hub for bloggers, businesses and brands. I created this blog to be a one-stop shop for bloggers, influencers and South Florida travel lovers. I feature business & marketing tips plus a dose of incredible South Florida places to visit.

Do you have an upcoming even so we can feature? Or do you need bloggers and influencers for your product or feature? We have a network of creative local South Florida influencers who are amazing content creators.

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