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For my 9th wedding anniversary, my husband and I went to Philly for a weekend. Our Saturday date night began with a wine tasting experience I had found for us. This was our first wine tasting event, and they splurged us with appetizers as well. I didn’t know it then, but wine drinking would become our thing as a couple.

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Mexican Shrimp & Merlot Zinfandel at Cooper’s Hawk

My love for red cab specifically began 4 years ago when my husband and I started traveling to Italy. We have tried different types of wine, but we love the boldness of cabernets. We are also weekly wine drinkers and perhaps know a little more than a total newbie, but we are no experts. We always love finding great wines locally and online.

To my surprise, Cooper’s Hawk offers the best of both worlds by combining a wine tasting experience and a restaurant featuring delicious food. I am always looking for places to go with the hubs in South Florida, so I was thrilled that Cooper’s Hawk at Galleria mall opened back up. It is located on the second floor of the mall in the restaurant food area.

I had been to Coopers Hawk once, but Max had never visited there. It is a very romantic spot, and the tables are spaced out nicely making it a perfect restaurant during this time.

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Appetizers at Cooper’s Hawk

We had the Zinfandel Merlot, which is not a red cab, but we sure enjoyed this one. They allowed us to taste some others before we made our final decision. Cooper’s Hawk carries a wine barrel a month, and we absolutely had to try that one too! It was yum. I also did not resist, and I ordered an Espresso Martini ( you can tell we had not been on a date night in a while lol). We didn’t want to leave and basically were almost the last ones to get up.

Now onto the food, and boy did we eat!

For appetizers, our service recommended the Mexican drunken shrimp, which is wrapped in bacon-wrapped with a tequila butter sauce plus guacamole! We also had their delicious house-made meatballs. I don’t think I have eaten such fresh marinara sauce and meatballs in South Florida since I moved here. They add ricotta to the meatballs, which makes it even more special.

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Meatballs at Cooper’s Hawk
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Mexican Drunken Shrimp

For our entrees, I ordered the scallop shrimp risotto. I can’t resist this dish. I am not even a huge scallop fan, but the peas and the cheese and how they cook the scallops leave ordering this again and again. Max had the trio of medallions with mash potatoes! He loves meat, so this is a great place for both surf and turf.

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To end our feast, we ordered the Dulce De Leche crème Brule, and I ordered a dessert for the kiddos at home. We laughed, drank, ate, and had a blast!

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Wine Club Membership

The staff made sure to explain how everything worked, and we couldn’t resist the wine membership club! The benefits pay for itself as you get one free wine tasting or wine glass each month, plus we also get a complimentary bottle. The best part is that the bottles roll over, so if we don’t go for 3 months, we get to take 3 bottles home and so forth.

Wine display with restaurant backdrop

So we are now members and I am so excited!
Membership is month-to-month and you can cancel anytime,

P.S I equally loved that they were not pushy with the membership but explained it so well that it was up to us. We felt super confident about our decision. To celebrate spring and South Florida date nights, they have generously offered a dinner for 2 to a lucky local winner. Head over to my Instagram to enter.

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