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 Ah, this is what my Brazilian mom has been raving about so much. So I am a bit obsessed with coffee, I don’t drink venti sized cups, and I tend to let my coffee get cold, but I do love coffee, and I love unique coffee shops even more so. I am always looking for unique coffee spots as I travel around Florida and plan to keep updating this blog post, so here we go.

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So I am a coffee lover. Truth be told, I didn’t start drinking coffee, for reals at least until I was 24. I had just come back from living abroad and took a restaurant job. I then became a manager, and the restaurant opened up a coffee shop at the local University. I was stuck inside this windowless coffee shop for 8 hours a day, brewing coffee and waiting for the next class break. In between, I drank hazelnut coffee; then, a coffee bean light went on.

Unique Coffee Shops in Orlando

Pao Gostoso Bakery 

We don’t travel to Orlando as much as I would like, but when we do, we almost always stop at this Brazilian bakery called Pao Gostoso. So it doesn’t have the best coffee per se, but the breakfast food and the Brazilian pastries make you feel like you in Brazil. They also have great soups, sandwiches, and mouth-watering cakes. We typically eat breakfast here before heading to the parks because it is a mighty meal. 

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Holy Grain Coffee Shop

This past summer, I had to stay in Orlando for my son’s animation camp. I looked up unique coffee shops near me, and 2 piqued my interest. We ventured off to the one that was less than 2 miles down the street. We loved it so much that I ended up never going to the one 5 miles away.

Little did I know, the owner was Brazilian and they serve the best Pao de queijo ( Brazilian cheesy bread) in the region. They also had an iced drink called the Brazilian, which consists of espresso and chocolate. It was delicious. They had very friendly staff, and I got a lot of work done in my five days there. I also tried their cappuccino, which was lovely designed, and it was delicious.

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They carry something I have never seen before, coffee dots.

Key West Coffee

If you have ever visited Key West or checked some vacation packages, you would know that it is quite an expensive place. So when we decided to spend memorial day weekend there, I started looking up affordable food recommendations. Cuban Coffee Queen came up, and of course, I had to try! They had a yummy iced coffee and also Cuban toast. I believe breakfast for the 5 of us cost less than $25. It is just a little spot on the street with no formal seating but worth the visit.

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Cool Coffee Shops South Florida

This will be the largest part of this blog post because, after all, I live in South Florida. Hunting unique coffee shops in South Florida has become my thing. I thrive on it! I do use good ole Google and look up unique coffee shops in South Florida. What I find is that the cafes that rank well are the ones where the reviewers are using keywords like unique in their reviews. 

So that is a tip for you, coffee shop owners. Get some great reviews! This will help your coffee shop rank better in Google. So here are my top favorite coffee shops in South Florida. 

Lady & The Mug

I met a fellow mommy fashion blogger, Prizinha for breakfast at this cute location. I loved the swing set inside the coffee shop as a photo prop. The staff is super friendly, and some great local Coral Springs folks attend there. Amy, the owner, is a local networking machine, and I love watching her marketing. I also love how much she gives back to her community and how she pours into her employees, leading them. I once saw her do a coffee shop hop, which is like a bar crawl, but I guess coffee shop crawl. I was super impressed that she blesses her competition and is friends with them. I have also had the yummy cappuccino here and tried their nitro cold brew too.

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The Modern Rose

I visit Deerfield frequently as they have great Brazilian supermarkets and salons. A few months ago, in one of my Deerfield outings, I planned a meet up with a fellow Brazilian blogger, so I searched unique coffee shops near me and Voila la, the Modern Rose, came up. It was literally so close to where I was that it was the winner. 

What I did not expect was how the shop is set up as a tea room with such cool fixtures and even items for sale. It is a vegan shop, so I had her French cheese toast, which was delicious. I also tried her iced latte. She has excellent teas that she sells, and it is also super cute for photos.

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Graziano’s Weston

Although they don’t speak much English at Graziano’s ( for the most part), their cappuccino is superb. They also offer you these Argentine cookies with your cappuccino called Fraciones I believe. They are known for their empanadas, but I can’t go to Weston without having one of their cappuccinos.

Capital One Cafe Fort Lauderdale

Did you know all Capital One banks are actually cafes? This is such a new concept, but I sure love it. They are all about giving back to the community, and they even offer free conference rooms for teachers and nonprofits. They have cute little nooks for you to get work done too. I use this space to meet with my in-person SEO clients. They serve Pete’s coffee, and they have a Havana Cappuccino, which is a cappuccino with sweetened condensed milk, which is like so Brazilian, and I love it. Capital One users get their unique coffees for 50% off! Oh, and they have atm’s too like bank stuff.

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The Alchemist

I had seen the Alchemist since I moved here, but I didn’t get a chance to visit until the fab duo from Tracey & Martin Photography scheduled a breakfast date. They did say we had to go to the Aventura location because it was quite unique. They were right. When you get there, you feel like you have arrived in a different country. They have really cool decor too and a deck area outside. They even have a boutique store shop outside. I had the iced cappuccino with

Cafe Collective – Fort Lauderdale

I have been here twice for the Fort Lauderdale Bloggers event and the cappuccinos do not disappoint. They are so smooth that you will probably end up getting two. I also love their quiche.

Coffee – Community- Co-working. This is their tag line and these are 3 things I so love, especially down here in South Florida.

This cafe is a unique shop because it actually is a collective of businesses and services that they can provide for other businesses. They also have meeting rooms and co-creative space.

They also host comedy nights and the super cool Raw Story Telling. Check out their full menu and times here.

Neutral Ground Cafe

This is a small cozy coffee shop hidden at one of those plazas on 84 in Davie. Hiddensoflo had shared it on her IG stories, and I had to check it out. After all, I live in Davie and how did I not know about this unique coffee shop. I had one of their delicious quiches, an almond croissant and of course, a cappuccino. The coffee quality is excellent, and I plan to be back soon.

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Ella Cafe

Fellow social media manager, Karlene from Social Blessings LLC, told me about her favorite coffee shop called Ella cafe, and last week we met up for a get together there. Boy, it did not disappoint. The decor is so me, and the food options were mouth-watering. I decided to try the frittata and of course, get a cappuccino. I didn’t expect the presentation of the glass cup on a branded cutting board with a tasty cookie. Their special Ella hazelnut actually has Nutella! Yum! I also ordered an iced coffee to go and forget to say 1 shot, please. All the coffees at Ella cafe come with 2 shots of espresso, so I technically had 4 expressos that day, which is something I never do. I was a bit jittery later so note taken.

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Love the branding touch on this board!

Groves market

This is not a cafe or coffee shop but they serve one of the most delicious iced macchiatos in town. It is not super cheap, but it is so much better than many chain coffee shops you see around. They have Chemex and Presspress methods plus lots of organic items.

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A few coffee shops on my visit list

Circle House 

Circle house is so photo-worthy, plus I do hear they serve up some amazing coffee. Fellow local blogger JJ Burroughs shares how much she loves it there. They have a great outdoor area for photos too plus they just opened up a meeting room so I can’t wait to check it out. It is located in downtown Fort Lauderdale


A local newborn photographer told me about her favorite Venezuelan coffee shop called Cafecito. She said they have the best authentic coffee, so follow along with my Instagram story highlights for when I visit there.

So these are my top picks for now. I hope to grow this list as I explore unique coffee shops in Florida and around the world. What are your top favorite coffee shops in town?

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