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One of the reasons that I started this blog was because of how South Florida inspired me and still does. After a few months of working in downtown Fort Lauderdale, a fellow co-worker told me about the South Florida bloggers union and I have been hooked ever since my first meeting. I love everything they are doing and do for the local community. Later I discovered other groups and had the pleasure of attending two special meetings hosted by the lovely duo at Bloggers Boss Mia, Ixamar from the Wandertog and Christine from HoneyImGouda. Seriously follow these two South Florida chicas.

1st Blog Boss MIA Meeting

May event. They had two lovely local influencers on their marketing panel, the lovely Elizabeth from Sincerelyly Miami and the fab sister/brother duo from BeyondSouthBeach. All 3 guests shared so generously and Elizabeth even read us a sample pitch letter. She shared how important to show other types of blog posts or campaigns that you may have done before and to show interest in the brand. Basically, don’t just focus on you.

We got a chance to savor some delicious food pre-panel and I saw and reconnected with some of my favorite bloggers like Rachel from Cultured Local.

Here is a recap of what I learned from that meeting because after all, sharing is caring.

Boss Bloggers MIA Brunch

In August they held their second event, this time a brunch date at the X Miami apartments. What a beautiful space! They had a marketing panel consistent with agency owners.

I loved learning more about pitching to restaurants & hotels. They shared how important it is to follow through with your commitments and also to go above and beyond. Be creative with your videos or photos and give a little bit more than the client is expecting.

Secondly it is very important that if you re invited to a media dine in, for you to tip the waiter or waitress.

Here is a video recap of the fun.



Lessons Learned

What I have learned from watching both Ixamar and Christine is the following: community matters, local networking matters. These women have so much support, I mean they just started and have sold out these events. Why? Because they are plugged into their community. They give so much and people are paying attention. I see this tight community uplifting so much! And no it’s not a click because they embrace anyone new that comes . After all, we are better together. They have inspired me to get out there more and make my own mark here locally.
They have an upcoming Halloween Party for their October get together.

I am super grateful for the South Florida Blogger & Influencer community as they are so generous and kind. Some hashtags to follow here are #kindcollaboration #communityovercompetition

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