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If you’ll be spending time in southern Italy, then should a day trip from Naples to Capri be on your agenda? Heck yes! It would be a crime not to visit this gorgeous Italian island while visiting the area. 

The good news is that it’s so easy to take a day trip to Capri from Naples. Frequent ferry services mean you can get across the Tyrrhenian Sea without fuss. Giving you more time to explore, and enjoy, all that Capri has to offer. 

Once you arrive, natural wonders like the unspoiled coastal landscape and Blue Grotto await. Along with upmarket hotels, beautiful beaches, upscale shopping, glorious gardens, panoramic views, and more. 

When you want to sample a slice of la dolce vita, there’s no better way than to take a day trip to Capri. Read on to discover all you need to know before you go – from getting there and back to frequently asked questions, top tips, and what to see and do in Capri. 

This is the complete guide to taking a day trip from Naples to Capri. 

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Ferries from Naples to Capri

As Capri has no airport, the only way to reach the island is by ferry. Services to Capri depart from Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, and the islands of Ischia and Procida. But most people travel to Capri from Naples. There is more choice of services, as well as an international airport. It’s only 15 nautical miles (or approximately 28 kilometers) between Naples and Capri.  

There are daily ferries between Naples and Capri, with around 20 crossings per day all year round. Fast hydrofoils as well as regular ferries ply the waters, and services are operated by SNAV, Navigazione Libera del Golfo (NLG), and Caremar. 

The first services of the day generally leave Naples at 7 am, with the last departing Naples at about 6 pm. In the other direction, ferries from Capri to Naples operate between around 8 am and 7 pm. 

A crossing typically takes 50 minutes, though this can vary according to weather conditions. Fares are around €25 to €35 one way. Discounts may be available, particularly if you plan ahead by booking well in advance. 

Capri’s port can be found in Marina Grande, in the north of the island. A railway service can whisk you from the port to the Piazzetta in only a few minutes. Bars, cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, luggage storage facilities, a bus station, and a taxi rank are also located conveniently close to the port. The large public beach of Marina Grande is also near the port.

Day Trip Naples to Capri F.A.Q

Can You DO a Day Trip to Capri from Naples?

Absolutely! A day trip to Capri from Naples is not only possible; it’s de rigueur for any keen traveler. It’s like asking if it’s worth trying pizza in Naples. The journey from Naples to Capri can be smooth sailing, too, if you plan it right. A day trip to Capri offers a tantalizing taste of Italian island life and is guaranteed to leave you dreaming of when you can return.

Is Capri Worth Visiting on a Day Trip?

Capri is not only worth visiting; it’s an absolute must-see. From the moment you step off the ferry, you’ll enter a world of breathtaking beauty, including natural wonders like the famous Blue Grotto, plus modern amenities such as upscale shopping and dining.
Capri is the embodiment of la dolce vita. Spending even a day means sampling a slice of life where your biggest worry is whether to have gelato before or after lunch. (When you’re on vacation, the answer is of course both, right?)

How Long is the Ferry from Naples to Capri?

The ferry ride from Naples to Capri – and vice versa – typically takes around 50 minutes. This varies depending on the type of service, and the weather conditions on the day. 

How Much is the Boat Ride from Naples to Capri?

The cost of the ferry from Naples to Capri is usually about €25 to €35 one way. Discounts may be available, especially if you book in advance.  Ticket generally range from €19.64 to €29.50 depending on the operator and type of ferry.

Which ferry is best from Naples to Capri?

Ferries between Naples and Capri are operated by Caremar, Navigazione Libera del Golfo (NLG), and SNAV. There’s not much to choose between them. Crossings take around 50 minutes, and each company offers about six to nine crossings per day. Timings and prices are likely to determine which service suits you best

Where to take the ferry from Naples to Capri?

Hydrofoil services to Capri depart from Beverello pier. Conventional ferries, which transport vehicles as well as foot passengers, depart from the Calata Porta di Massa quay. There is free shuttle service between the two.

Is the Ferry from Naples to Capri Rough?

Just imagine. You’re all primed and prepared for your Capri adventure, only to discover that the ferries are all full. To avoid missing out, book your ferry tickets in advance, especially if you’ll be traveling during peak season. This will secure your spot and allow you to plan your day with confidence, knowing you won’t be left behind at the dock.

Do You Need to Book a Ferry from Naples to Capri in Advance?

See above. Yes, yes, and yes again. Booking in advance is not merely a suggestion; it’s your ticket to a stress-free Capri adventure. Particularly during the peak summer season. Plus, getting ahead might also allow you to brag to your friends, family, and followers about your impeccable planning skills!

Can I travel on the ferry from Naples to Capri with a car?

You can take a car onto a ferry between Naples and Capri, but not onto a hydrofoil. Also, between April and October, only permanent residents of the island can travel around Capri by motor vehicle.

Is Capri a Walkable City?

The compact Italian island of Capri is under 4.5 miles (7 kilometers) long by less than 2 miles (3 kilometers) wide. So the attractions aren’t too far apart. Due to steep inclines, though, you should consider sturdy hiking footwear. Though it’s a good excuse to indulge in that extra scoop of gelato.

Capri is, in fact, a walker’s paradise. The island’s hidden alleys and breathtaking viewpoints are best discovered on foot. You can also take a ride on the funicular or in a taxi, so you don’t really need your own set of wheels.

When is the Best Time to Visit Capri?

As it’s so popular – and therefore more crowded – during the summer months of June, July, and August, the ideal time to visit Capri is during May or September. The island is quieter, and this can also be a cheaper time to visit. 

Can I Do a Day Trip from Naples to Capri and the Blue Grotto?

To make life easier, there are organized day trips from Naples taking in the Blue Grotto as well as the island of Capri. Viator and GetYourGuide offer nine hour tours including hydrofoil transfers, minibus transport on the island, and the services of an experienced guide. When the Blue Grotto is closed, entry is replaced by a boat trip around the island. 

Is There a Private Boat Tour from Naples to Capri?

If you prefer to avoid the crowds, you can also book private day tours from Naples to Capri. Again, these are offered by both GetYourGuide and Viator. They last for around eight hours, and include the hydrofoil from Naples to Capri and back. Also covered by the cost is entry to attractions like the Blue Grotto and Augustus Gardens, the services of a local guide, and transport on the island, including the funicular railway. 

Italy in September

Making the Most of Your Day Trip

To truly make the most of your day trip to Capri, set off early – and plan ahead before you leave. While it’s wise to prioritize what you want to see and do the most, do leave some room for spontaneity. In my experience, often the unplanned moments end up being the most memorable. 

For many, Capri is not only a destination, it’s a state of mind. Soak up the unspoiled beauty, savor the delicious flavors, and let the island’s magic work its wonders on you.

Travel Tips for Your Capri Trip

Get Ahead

Arrive early for your ferry – around an hour before departure if you want to beat the crowds. Do check before leaving that your ferry will be running, too, as this can change due to weather conditions. 

Be Flexible

A day trip to Capri can be unpredictable, from the weather during the crossing to the crowd sizes on the island. Have a plan in place, but be ready to adapt this if circumstances require you to do so.

Stay Hydrated

The weather can be hot in Capri – and you’re likely to do lots of walking too. So make sure you take along plenty of chilled drinking water, and refill your bottle or hydration reservoir as often as possible. 

Pristine Capri

Always leave the island’s beaches, beauty spots, and city streets as pristine as you found them. If you cannot find a trash can, take your items with you until you do, and don’t forget to take nothing but pictures. 

Capture it on Camera

Your followers, family and friends will love hearing your personal anecdotes – and they’ll be even better when paired with stunning visuals you’ve captured yourself. Look out for less obvious angles or hidden details when framing your shots. Adding people can also add interest – but always get permission first if you want to photograph someone else. 


Capri Day Trip Itinerary 

Early Morning: Naples to Capri and The Blue Grotto

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Or in this case, the earliest ferry to Capri. Aim to be at the ferry port bright and early. The first ferry leaves at about 7 am, so catch this if you can. That fresh morning sea air is like that morning cup of coffee – utterly invigorating.

Blue Grotto Gambit

Upon arrival in Capri, make a beeline for the famous Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra). Yes, of course it’s touristy, but with good reason. The ethereal, electric blue light you’ll see inside the cave offers a unique kind of magic. By heading here first, you might just beat the crowds for a more tranquil experience.

Late Morning: Anacapri and Monte Solaro

Explore Anacapri

After the Blue Grotto, take a local bus or taxi up to Anacapri, the less crowded, more laid-back sibling of Capri town. The ride itself is an adventure, thanks to narrow, twisting roads, but the views are worth every heart-stopping moment.

Monte Solaro Chairlift

In Anacapri, don’t miss out on the chairlift ride to Monte Solaro. It’s like taking a flight to the very top of Capri, and the views from the summit are guaranteed to have your camera working overtime. Expect sweeping, awe-inspiring panoramas over the Bay of Naples on one side, with the Amalfi Coast on the other.

Early Afternoon: Lunch and Capri Town

Lunch in Anacapri

Find a charming café in Anacapri for a lunch break. Caprese salad is a local favorite and named after this very island. It comprises slices of mozzarella and fresh tomatoes, flavored with sweet basil, olive oil, salt, and sometimes a balsamic glaze. Why not wash it all down with a refreshing glass of Limoncello?

Stroll around Capri Town

After lunch, head down to Capri Town. The Piazzetta is the heart of the action here, and is a tiny yet bustling square. It’s even featured in various movies. Watch the world go by, do some people-watching, or even strike up a conversation with a local if you’re feeling bold. 

Shopping on Via Camerelle

Wander down Via Camerelle, close to the Piazzetta in Capri Town. It’s known for its luxury boutiques and designer stores. Even if shopping isn’t on your day’s agenda, it’s worth taking a walk just to experience the vibe – and perhaps spot the occasional celebrity.

Late Afternoon: Gardens of Augustus and Marina Piccola

The Glorious Gardens of Augustus

Only a short walk from the Piazzetta, these gardens in Capri Town offer breathtaking views of Capri’s iconic sea stacks – the Faraglioni rocks. The gardens themselves are also a lush, colorful oasis. They’re perfect for a peaceful escape, or even a moment of quiet contemplation.

Head Down to Marina Piccola

Take the scenic path down to Marina Piccola, a charming stretch of beach that also offers superb views of the Faraglioni sea stacks. It’s a bit of a walk, but the lovely beach and the calm, crystal-clear water make it worthwhile. Take a paddle, or even a swim, or sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

Evening: Return to Naples

Sunset Ferry

As the day winds down, time your ferry ride from Capri to Naples for sunset if you can. The sky and sea explode in a symphony of colors as the sun goes down. It provides a fitting and very photogenic end to your island adventure.

Dinner in Naples

Once you’ve arrived back in Naples, why not treat yourself to a well-deserved dinner to round off a perfect day? Whether it’s pizza (because when in Naples…) or a fresh seafood meal served at a waterfront restaurant, it’s the ideal way to reflect on the day’s journey. 

Capri Day Trip | Final Thoughts

A day trip from Naples to Capri is so much more than just a tick on your travel bucket list. Trust me, it can also be a journey into another world where the sea and skies are bluer, everything sparkles, and the sunsets are unforgettable. 

It truly is worth every minute and every cent you spend. In fact, by the end of your trip, you might just find yourself working out how to stay longer – or when you can come back. Capri has that effect on people.

Pack your sunglasses, charge your camera, and get ready for an adventure that will leave you spellbound. Capri awaits. This beautiful Italian island is always ready to show you why it’s been a favorite haunt of artists, writers, dreamers – and, of course, travelers. 

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