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Framing the glittering Tyrrhenian Sea, the beaches of Ischia offer the perfect blend of the vibrant Italian lifestyle, sunshine, and peaceful landscapes. While this volcanic island is famous for its thermal springs, I can confirm that it also boasts some of Italy’s most appealing shores. Each beach has its own unique character, so there’s a slice of paradise for everyone.

This guide to the gorgeous Ischia beaches tells you everything you need to know about visiting the island’s top coastal spots. It covers the best places to go for families, sunshine, and seclusion. Also included are boat trips to Ischia, the local nightlife scene, and the thermal springs of Sorgeto Bay. 

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Ischia Beaches

Read on to discover all you need to know before you go!

Day Trips to Ischia by Boat

One of the best ways to visit the beaches of Ischia is to take a boat trip from the Italian mainland. If you want to experience this glorious island’s natural thermal springs, rich history, and beautiful beaches, here’s all the info you need. 

Ferries from Naples to Ischia

Naples Ports

The most common departure point for Ischia is Naples. Two main ports serve the route: Molo Beverello and Porta di Massa. Molo Beverello is primarily for fast hydrofoil services (aliscafio), while Porta di Massa is for ferries (traghetti), which can accommodate vehicles.

Ferry Companies

Several companies operate the route to Ischia, including Caremar, Medmar, and Alilauro. Between these, the range of services ranges from fast hydrofoils to larger, slower ferries. 

Choosing between them often depends on your timing, budget, and whether or not you’re bringing a vehicle.

Caremar’s and Medmar’s affordable ferry services are popular. These are ideal if you’re not in a rush, prefer a more leisurely journey, or need to transport a car.

Alilauro is well-known for its hydrofoil services. These are faster but more expensive, and they cannot accommodate vehicles. Check out my Day Trip to Ischia blog post.

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Ferry Journey Timings and Frequency

Hydrofoils from Molo Beverello port in Naples to Ischia can take as little as an hour, making this service a speedy option for day-trippers.

Ferries from Porta di Massa take approximately one hour and 30 minutes to reach Ischia. This is a slower, but often more relaxing journey, offering the chance to take in stunning sea views en route.


Prices vary according to the season, the type of service (ferry or hydrofoil), and whether or not you’re transporting a vehicle. At the time of writing, approximate prices are as follows. 

A one-way ticket on the hydrofoil from Naples to Ischia costs around €20 to €30 per person.

Ferry tickets are generally cheaper, costing around €12 to €18 per person one way. Vehicle transport will add to the cost. Prices depend on the vehicle size, plus, of course, the specific ferry company’s rates.

Booking Tips

During the peak summer season, it’s wise to book your tickets in advance, especially if you’re planning to take a vehicle with you.

Check the ferry companies’ websites for current schedules and prices. Online booking which can save you time while securing your spot.

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Ischia Ports

Ischia has several ports, but most ferries and hydrofoils arrive at Ischia Porto, the island’s main entry point. From there, you can easily catch a bus, take a taxi, or even rent a scooter to explore the island’s beaches, thermal parks, and villages.

Maronti Beach – Best for Sun Seekers

Ischia’s sun-drenched coastline is perfect for those looking to soak up the Mediterranean sun. Maronti Beach is the longest on the island, and is renowned for its golden sands and crystal-clear waters. 

  • Maronti Beach is one of the biggest beaches in Ischia, located in the municipality of Barano. 
  • The beach is known for its golden sand and crystal-clear waters. The latters changes color throughout the day, from bright azure to deep blues. 
  • The beach occupies a picturesque position between the sea and the mountains. 

Access and Facilities

  • Access to Maronti Beach is mainly via a steep and winding road. You can get there by car, by bus, or on foot. 
  • There are paid and free sections, as well as beach bars and restaurants.
  • Visitors can also take a water taxi to and from the nearby village of Sant’Angelo. 
  • Behind the beach, you’ll find Cavascura Natural Springs, which can be accessed via a five to 10 minute walk. 
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Activities and Attractions

Maronti Beach is a popular spot for swimming, as the seabed gently slopes as you enter the ocean. However, it can feel rough underfoot, making it a little less suitable for families with small children. Beach shoes are a good idea. 

Close to Maronti Beach, visitors can explore the thermal springs and wellness facilities of Thermal Park Aphrodite Apollon. The area around Maronti Beach is also known for its dining scene, and there’s a choice of restaurants serving local seafood and other specialties.

Overall, I reckon Maronti Beach is a must-visit destination in Ischia. It offers stunning natural beauty, thermal springs, and also a range of activities and dining options.

Cava dell’Isola – Best Hidden Gem

For those seeking tranquility, Ischia offers several hidden, secluded beaches that are accessible only on foot or boat. Unspoiled Cava dell’Isola offers a retreat away from the busier, more touristy spots. Its untouched beauty makes it ideal for those looking to escape the crowds, though its lively vibe attracts a young, fun-loving crowd. 

  • Cava dell’Isola is a popular yet secluded beach. It’s located in the municipality of Forio on the island of Ischia. 
  • Cava dell’Isola has darker, coarser sand, and is situated between two rocky promontories covered in tufts of grass. 
  • The seabed drops away quickly here. This makes it a good spot for snorkeling and exploring small caves and rock pools. 
  • The beach is considered a “fun” beach. This tends to attract a younger crowd, who like playing beach volleyball and listening to music. 

Access and Facilities

  • The beach is free to use, with no paid areas at all. 
  • It can be reached by bus or by car. The last 250 meters, however, must be covered via a downhill walk. 
  • There is an excellent restaurant called La Capanna, which is located at one end of the beach. It serves Italian and Mediterranean fare, and offers kids’, gluten-free, and vegan dishes. 

Atmosphere and Activities

Cava dell’Isola is a lively Ischia beach, offering music, and beach volleyball. It’s also a good spot for snorkeling, and exploring the small caves and rock pools dotted along this part of the coastline. 

The Giardini Poseidon thermal gardens nearby, and the Scogli Innamorati (Lovers’ Rocks), are also popular attractions in the area.

Citara – Best for Families

Ischia is also home to family-friendly beaches such as Citara. The shallow waters combined with a lifeguard service gives parents peace of mind. Additionally, Poseidon Gardens offers thermal pools, which tend to be a hit with both kids and adults.


  • Citara Beach is one of the largest and most child-friendly beaches on the island of Ischia.
  • It’s located just outside the town of Forio, on the western side of the island. 
  • The beach offers a long stretch of soft, golden sand, lapped by clear, turquoise waters.

Access and Facilities

  • Citara Beach is easy to access from the main road, with plenty of car parking available. 
  • The beach offers a mix of free public areas plus private beach clubs. The latter offers paid amenities such as sunbeds, parasols, and more. 
  • You’ll find a variety of cafes, restaurants, and shops located along the beach promenade. 
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  • Citara Beach is famous as the home of Poseidon Thermal Gardens, one of the largest thermal spa complexes in Europe. 
  • The beach is also known for its stunning sunsets, which are among Ischia’s finest. 
  • Other local attractions include the Punta Imperatore promontory and the charming town of Forio. 


  • Swimming and sunbathing are popular at Citara Beach, though the currents can sometimes be strong. 
  • While in the area, visitors can also enjoy snorkeling, exploring the rocky coastline, and spending time at the thermal gardens. 

Overall, Citara Beach is among Ischia’s best and most popular beaches. It offers a beautiful natural setting, excellent facilities, and access to the island’s natural thermal wonders. 

Sorgeto Bay – Best for Thermal Springs

Ischia’s volcanic origins are reflected in the island’s dramatic coastline. The natural thermal springs of Sorgeto Bay allow visitors to experience Ischia’s geothermal marvels first-hand, combining a relaxing experience with natural beauty.

Sorgeto Bay is one of Ischia’s most enchanting natural attractions. This part of the Italian island is famous for its thermal hot springs flowing directly into the sea, which create natural thermal pools. This unique geological feature offers a spa-like experience in an unspoiled setting.

Thermal Springs and Wellness

The hot springs at Sorgeto Bay are a result of Ischia’s volcanic activity, which heats the water underground. These thermal waters reputedly have therapeutic properties, containing minerals which are beneficial for both the skin and the body. 

Visitors can bathe in these naturally heated pools, enjoying a soothing and rejuvenating experience. What I love is that the temperature of each pool varies. This allows you to find a spot somewhere between pleasantly warm and hot, depending on your preference.

Accessibility and Facilities

As compared to other beaches in Ischia, Sorgeto Bay tends to be less crowded. It can be accessed via a series of steps leading down to the cove. 

Visitors who make it here are rewarded with a more relaxed and intimate beach experience. Basic facilities – including changing areas and a small café serving refreshments and snacks – are available for your comfort and convenience.

After Dark

Sorgeto Bay offers a unique appeal after sunset. The thermal pools can be enjoyed at night, offering a magical experience under the stars. The warm water, cool night air, and the sound of the sea, creates an enchanting atmosphere. This makes a nighttime visit to Sorgeto Bay a truly memorable part of any trip to Ischia.

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Where to Stay in Ischia

If you want to stay overnight, booking in advance is always recommended, especially during the peak summer season. Here are six of the best places to stay in Ischia.

Ischia’s Beach Bars and Nightlife

When the sun goes down, Ischia undergoes a transformation. After dark, the beachfronts buzz with energy, offering a vibrant nightlife scene. The island’s bars and clubs provide everything from a laid-back ambience to a lively party atmosphere, thus catering to all preferences.

Ischia’s beach bars, clubs and events scene are just as appealing as the island’s natural landscapes. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful evening sipping wine by the sea, a lively night dancing under the stars, or cultural experiences showcasing local heritage, Ischia offers plenty of after-dark allure.

Beach Bars and Lounges

By day, the beach bars in Ischia offer a relaxed seaside vibe, with a more festive atmosphere by night. Visitors can lounge on seafront terraces, sipping cocktails while watching the sunset.

Some spots feature live music or DJ sets, particularly in summer. Good music, delicious drinks, and the soothing sound of the waves combine to create the perfect backdrop for an evening out.

Nightclubs and Dance Venues

For those looking to dance the night away, Ischia’s club scene is dynamic and varied, offering all genres from electronic beats to popular Italian hits. Places like Valentino attract a lively crowd with their energetic dance floors and well-known DJs. 

The island’s nightclubs are not only about dancing, though; they are social hubs where locals and tourists can meet one another and mingle. It’s like sampling a slice of a young Italian’s social life.

Cultural Events and Festivities

During the summer months, Ischia’s nightlife also includes various cultural events and festivals. The likes of open-air concerts, cinemas under the stars, and traditional festivals take place throughout the island, providing locals and visitors with entertainment reflecting Ischia’s rich cultural tapestry. These events are opportunities to experience the island’s traditions, music, and art – as well as a fun atmosphere.

Ischia Beaches F.A.Q

Are there nudist beaches in Ischia?

While Ischia doesn’t have any nudist beaches as such, there are areas where nudism is practiced. These are pretty discreet. However, topless sunbathing is widely practiced on Ischia beaches, so please do be mindful and respectful when visiting.

Does Ischia have good beaches?

Ischia offers a range of beaches with something for everyone. Maronti Beach is popular with sunbathers, while Citara is ideally suited to families. Cava dell’Isola is a hidden gem with a lively, youthful vibe, and Sorgeto Bay offers naturally heated thermal pools, which you can even bathe in during summer evenings.

Are there free beaches on Ischia?

Some Ischia beaches offer a mix of paid and free entry areas. If you want to find a beach offering entirely free access, head to Cava dell’Isola. This hidden gem attracts a young crowd, who come to play beach volleyball, listen to music and socialize.

Is Ischia good for swimming?

Citara is one of the island’s best swimming beaches. The shallow water is generally calm, and there’s also a lifeguard service during peak season. Cava dell’Isola is also good for swimming and snorkeling, and here you can explore underwater caves and rock pools.

What is the best month to visit Ischia?

For sunshine, visit Ischia in the summer months of June, July, and August. If you prefer cooler temperatures and fewer crowds, though, you may prefer late spring or early fall. September temperatures are very similar to June’s.

Summer highs can reach 31°C in July or August, while in June and September maximums are around ​​27°C. In May and October, peak temperatures can reach around 22 to 23°C.

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