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As summer fades into fall, Venice, the city of bridges, gondolas and beautiful canals, takes on a new appearance. With the departure of summer tourists, Venice in October reveals a more peaceful and authentic side, encouraging you to explore its misty streets and less crowded squares.

Fall is the perfect time to experience the enchanting and mystical atmosphere of Venice. Visitors have the unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in ‘La Serenissima’ and all of its wonders. What can you expect during a fall visit to Venice? Let’s take a closer look and discover!

Is Venice Too Cold in October? Understanding Venice’s Fall Weather

Visiting Venice in October often prompts the question: “But won’t it be too cold?” The answer, thankfully, is not quite so. October is indeed the time when Venice begins to bid adieu to the warm summer temperatures and gracefully embraces the cooler fall. However, the city’s location in Northern Italy ensures that the transition into the cooler months is generally mild.

Venice in October

During October, daytime temperatures usually hover around a comfortable 15-20°C (59-68°F). While you will feel the crispness of fall in the air, it’s not so chilly that you can’t enjoy wandering around the city or taking a pleasant gondola ride.

Evenings, on the other hand, do get cooler, dropping to around 10-12°C (50-54°F), so packing a light jacket or sweater is a good idea.

One of the truly beautiful aspects of visiting Venice in October is the unique atmosphere the cooler weather brings. Imagine misty mornings where the city’s iconic skyline gently emerges from the fog, or the warm glow of café lights reflecting off the canals in the cool evenings.

However, bear in mind that October can be somewhat rainy, with an average of 8 rainy days throughout the month. So, packing an umbrella or a light raincoat would be wise. In rare cases, October might also see the beginning of ‘Acqua Alta’ or high water, but this phenomenon is more common in November.

In essence, visiting Venice in October allows you to experience the enchanting city in a relatively mild climate, with fewer crowds, and a completely different, but no less beautiful, atmospheric perspective.

Photo by Ekaterina Zagorska on Unsplash

How To Get To Venice

Getting to Venice: Gateway to the Floating City

Venice is well connected by air, rail, and road, making it easily accessible from many parts of the world.

  1. By Air: Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) is the nearest international airport, located about 8 miles from the city. It’s well serviced by major airlines from across the globe. Once you land, you can get to the city by bus, taxi, or water taxi. The Alilaguna water shuttle provides a scenic route to the city.
  2. By Train: Venice’s Santa Lucia train station is conveniently located at the edge of the city’s historic center. Direct trains connect Venice with many Italian and European cities, such as Rome, Milan, Florence, Munich, and Vienna. Upon exiting the station, you are immediately greeted with a stunning view of the Grand Canal.
  3. By Car: If you’re driving, be aware that cars are not allowed in the historic center of Venice. You’ll need to park your vehicle at one of the garages in Piazzale Roma or on the mainland and proceed by foot or water transport.
  4. By Bus: Many European bus companies like FlixBus operate services to Venice. The main bus station is Piazzale Roma, conveniently located at the edge of the historic city center.
  5. By Boat: If you’re arriving from a cruise, the Port of Venice will be your entry point. From there, you can take a water taxi or a vaporetto (public ferry) to reach the heart of the city.

Book an airport transport service.

However you choose to travel, the journey to Venice is part of the adventure and prepares you for the enchanting experiences that await in the city of canals.

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Dressing for Venice in October: What to Wear

Venice in October calls for a balanced wardrobe that matches the mild, occasionally rainy, and slightly chilly weather. Layered clothing is your best bet – think long-sleeve shirts, light sweaters, and a warm jacket for the cooler evenings. A waterproof jacket or a stylish trench coat can also be handy to combat unexpected rain showers.

Comfortable walking shoes are a must, a=s you’ll likely spend much time exploring on foot. Don’t forget to pack a classy dress or a smart-casual outfit for evenings out at Venice’s famous restaurants or opera houses.

I am easily cold so when I visit in October, I will have a long jacket and some cardigans, due to the winds.

Women’s Venice Outfits

5-day trip to Venice in October:

  1. Tops:
    • One black and one white long-sleeve top: Choose lightweight materials that can be layered.
    • One caramel-colored lightweight sweater: Neutral, versatile, and autumn-appropriate.
  2. Bottoms:
    • One pair of comfortable blue jeans: Ideal for cooler days and versatile for many occasions.
    • One pair of black or dark brown pants: These can be dressed up or down. I prefer the wide leg ones from Express or Amazon.
    • One tan casual skirt or dress: Choose a mid-length style that’s easy to walk in.
  3. Outerwear:
    • One caramel or tan trench coat or waterproof jacket: Essential for unexpected rain showers and will match with all your outfits.
  4. Footwear:
    • One pair of comfortable white sneakers: Venice involves a lot of walking, and white shoes will pair well with any outfit.
    • One pair of tan flats or loafers: These can be dressed up or down.
    • One pair of boots for the evening
  5. Accessories:
    • One caramel or brown scarf: Great for adding warmth and style.
    • One black versatile handbag or backpack: Choose a secure and waterproof option.
    • Sunglasses and a compact black or brown umbrella.
  6. Evening wear:
    • One elegant black dress: Versatile for nicer outings.
    • One pair of black or tan dress shoes: Depending on your preference.
  7. Miscellaneous:
    • Undergarments and sleepwear in your preferred colors.
    • Swimwear if your hotel has a pool or spa.

Remember, this is your trip and your wardrobe, so adjust as needed based on your personal style and comfort. And again, remember to check the weather forecast before you start packing. Enjoy your trip to Venice!

Venice in October outfits

The Best Areas to Stay in Venice in October

When choosing where to stay in Venice, consider both location and the kind of experience you want.

San Marco: This is the tourist heart of Venice, home to iconic landmarks like St. Mark’s Square and Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, and the Bridge of Sighs. Staying here offers convenience, but it’s also the busiest area.

Dorsoduro: This neighborhood is an excellent choice for art enthusiasts, boasting attractions like the Gallerie dell’Accademia and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. It provides a nice balance between the hustle and bustle of San Marco and the quieter, residential parts of Venice.

Cannaregio: This is the largest and most populous district of Venice. It offers a more local and less touristy experience, with a variety of authentic restaurants and shops. The famous Strada Nova is here, offering a variety of shops and eateries.

Top Attractions to Visit in Venice in October

Beyond the must-visit sights like the Piazza San Marco, Doge’s Palace, Rialto Bridge, and the Grand Canal, October is a perfect time to explore the quieter attractions.

Enjoy a tranquil gondola ride through less crowded canals, visit Murano and Burano islands famous for lace and glassmaking, or explore the Ghetto, the world’s first Jewish Ghetto.

Visit the Burano Islandos.

Do a Wine tasting.

Awesome Food Tour.

Delicacies of Venice: Foods to Try in Venice in October

Venetian cuisine is a gastronomic delight. October is a great time to try local seafood dishes as it coincides with the start of the shellfish season. Don’t miss “Sarde in Saor” (sweet and sour sardines) or “Bigoli in Salsa” (thick spaghetti in anchovy sauce). The “Fritto Misto” (mixed fried seafood) is also worth trying.

For the sweet tooth, “Frittelle,” a traditional Venetian carnival dessert, is available throughout the year.

Feste and Fun: Special Events and Holidays in October in Venice

October hosts one of Venice’s oldest festivals, the “Festa del Mosto.” It takes place on the third Sunday of October in the island of Sant’Erasmo and celebrates the first grape must of the season.

Additionally, October often marks the start of Venice’s opera season, so check out the schedule for Teatro La Fenice, one of the most famous opera houses in Italy.

rebe adelaida zunQwMy5B6M unsplash

Instagramable Venice: Best Spots for the Perfect Shot

Venice is undeniably one of the most photogenic cities in the world. Here are some of the best spots for capturing stunning Instagram photos:

  1. Rialto Bridge: One of the most iconic views of the Grand Canal, particularly enchanting during sunrise or sunset.
  2. St. Mark’s Square: The heart of Venice, providing a stunning backdrop of St. Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace.
  3. Bridge of Sighs: A legendary and romantic spot.
  4. Burano: Known for its bright, colorful houses that line the canal, making a vibrant and cheerful background.
  5. Gondola ride: Capture a shot from inside the gondola to make your followers feel like they’re along for the ride.
  6. Scala Contarini del Bovolo: A hidden gem, this intricate spiral staircase offers a unique view over the rooftops of Venice.
  7. Libreria Acqua Alta: One of the most unique bookstores in the world, filled with gondolas and bathtubs brimming with books.

Also check out Rome in October and Visiting Italy in October

Please check for latest prices and things change. Also they have been talking about charging a day tax for visitors who come to Venice just for the day.

  • Gondola Rides: A standard gondola ride usually costs around 80-100 euros for a 40-minute trip during the day, and prices increase in the evening. Keep in mind that each gondola can accommodate up to six people, so the cost can be shared.
  • Vaporetto (Ferry): A single fare on the Vaporetto costs 7.50 euros and is valid for 75 minutes from the time of validation. However, for extended stays and multiple journeys, it’s more cost-effective to buy a travel card – a 24-hour travel card costs 20 euros, a 48-hour card costs 30 euros, a 72-hour card costs 40 euros, and a week-long card costs 60 euros.
  • Food and Drinks: A meal at an inexpensive restaurant can cost around 15 euros, while a three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant might cost around 50 euros. Expect to pay between 1 and 1.50 euros for an espresso at the bar, around 5 euros for a beer, and 4 to 6 euros for a glass of wine.
  • Attraction Tickets: Entrance fees for various attractions can vary. The Doge’s Palace costs around 20 euros, St Mark’s Basilica is free but the museum inside costs 5 euros, and the Gallerie dell’Accademia costs around 15 euros.
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