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I would have never imagined writing a blog post about what to pack for Italy because I am a bad packer! Actually, my name is Feuza and I am a recovering over-packer. Four years ago, I discovered something that would change my traveling ways forever: PACKING CUBES.

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Where have they been all my 30+ years of traveling life? Anyway, I am so glad I purchased some at TJ Maxx. The Mia Toro brand is my current favorite. I also have the eBags one. These really help organize my luggage in more ways than I had imagined, so of course for every Italy trip, I get my packing cubes out!

Italy Vacation Outfits

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Daily Outfits vs General Outfits for Packing

So, I am a huge fan of organizing what to pack for Italy by thinking of daily outfits, but I have sometimes failed at this. So, I have to be super disciplined and give myself enough time to grab clothes, lay them on my bed, and really think about it. 

Sometimes I do a mix of daily outfits and general outfits. When this happens, I make sure the color palette I take all matches. I always make sure I have whites, blacks, and tans. I have loads of caramels in my wardrobe, and I am pretty much just thinking what pieces will match best, especially if I layer them or use them again. So, once again, laying out the clothes on your bed is a great idea. It helps you visually see your items and analyze if anything is out of scope.

what to pack for Italy

What to Pack for Italy

First, we start with some TL’s (tank tops and leggings)! These are your besties during a Europe trip, regardless of what time of year it is. I recommend you take at least 4 tank tops ( black, white, tan or beige, and another color you love). Next, I suggest you take at least 2 pairs of leggings. I tend to do just black leggings, but I do change the type depending on the time of year. If I go to Italy in later fall/early winter, I will take some thicker leggings. If I go in the spring or fall, then lighter leggings. If I go to Italy in the summer, then I will wear leggings on the airplane and sometimes at night.

Next up is a good daily jacket, which could be jeans or leather. For during the day, I recommend a short jacket, unless you are going in the coldest months. My fashionista friend Priscila suggested I get a black leather biker-like jacket. She stated that it’s great for night and matches everything. I headed to Express for my last trip and found a beige version which I loved. I basically wore this one almost every day. I also took my jeans jacket and my long black jacket for the night.

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Let’s chat pants. So, along with my 2 leggings, I take lots of jeans. I am a big jeans girl, and I like how versatile they can be. You can wear them during the day and night, so I took 2 pairs of blue jeans and one pair of black jeans. This time around, I also took dress pants, as I knew it would be chilly at night, and wore them on our dress-up dinner night.

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Layers are Your Friend

The weather in Europe is a bit different than in the USA. Once we went to Madrid and Rome in October, and I only took boots and pants. It turned out that the 70s was very warm there, so I only had one pair of shorts that I wore regularly. I also had to buy shirts there. I am easily cold, but maybe you are easily hot, so evaluate how you and anyone traveling with you are when it comes how hot or cold they get.

Montepulciano Italy

Then bring options for layers. I took 3 cardigans and 1 long sleeve. I typically will go out with just the jacket but will take a cardigan in my bag in case I am cold. If I get hot, then I just remove the jacket or cardigan.

Miscellaneous Items to Pack for Italy

You can not forget dry shampoo! I just found this one called First Class by IJK, and they also have one called Jet Leg. What I love is how the charcoal removes oil, for reals. I just can’t wash my hair every day while traveling.

  • Packing Cubes – don’t leave home without this

But make sure you check the material first

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  • Small dry shampoo
  • Truss Hair Gloss for frizz
  • Flushable wipes
  • Hand sanitizer – my favorite is the one from Trader Joes
  • Mini Lysol bottle
  • Makeup bag – this is my favorite all time makeup and accessories bag
  • Fill bag like Tarte concealer, Tarte blush, my Anastasia eyeshadow palette, and brushes
  • Your favorite deodorant
  • Makeup remover
  • Dry Bar hairbrush
  • Mini hot iron
  • Pill case
  • Shampoo and conditioner in travel-size bottles – Just ordered this one and love it
  • At least 4 pairs of socks
  • 7 or more pairs of underwear. I do hand wash some while traveling.
  • 2 bras
  • 1 sports bra

Packing Shoes for Italy

I love comfortable outfits, and we always walk so much while in Italy that comfortable shoes are a must! Shoes can be bulky and annoying, so I get strategic. I usually will choose one main pair of white sneakers to wear during the day. I also take flip-flops or slip-on sandals, as I don’t want to walk barefoot at the Airbnb, etc. I then think of any shoes that are easy to take to wear at night. This time around, I did take this pair of high boots, which ended up being a great idea. They were super easy to fold and kept my legs warm at night. I also took some comfy slip-on shoes that I had in our book bag in case my feet started hurting from all the walking.

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Dresses and Night Outfits in Italy

italy vacation outfit idea

So, when we go to Florence, we always eat at Trattoria dall’Oste, which is a nice place, so I tend to dress up for this occasion. This time I wore a colorful shirt from Zara and burgundy dress pants from Express. I didn’t take a long maxi dress as I usually do, because I had just worn my favorite one in a previous trip to Lisbon and Rome. My plan was to find one in Italy, but after going to Zara in both Rome and Florence, plus H&M and some other shops, I didn’t find any. Long maxi dresses can be a great addition to yor packing list as they tend to be easy to fold and go great with jackets.

Of course, if you are traveling in the summer months, you will have short dresses, shorts, a bathing suit, and more casual shoes like sandals.

Planing Out Your Daily Outfits

Next, I lay out my itinerary with whatever plans I have and the days they will be. We are stress-free travelers who don’t book a lot of paid stuff, so this is also sort of a loose schedule. I then lay out and choose the outfit for the day and see how can I change it up slightly for the night. I tend to repeat night outfits with slight variations. Sometimes it will be with accessories such as shoes or jackets. I also choose the nice dinner outfit wisely. One thing to keep in mind is if your day will consist of outdoor activities or indoors. This will have a huge effect on planning the daily outfits.

Overall, I keep it comfortable and casual. If you would love more tips, follow me on TikTok.

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