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Are you debating whether to visit Cádiz from Seville during your visit to Andalusia? Debate no more because this easy-to-follow guide will tell you everything you need to know. But first, let me tell you why visiting Seville to Cádiz belongs on your to-do list when traveling through Spain. 

Why Seville to Cádiz?

Many folks ask if a day trip from Seville to Cadiz. The answer is an overwhelming yes! Not only will visitors get the chance to visit a different province in the region, but they can enjoy the beautiful landscape along the way.

Cádiz is roughly 120 km from Seville. That’s only 64 miles, which is why many choose to prioritize a stop-in. Visitors can also easily reach the city via public transportation or motor vehicle rentals, but more on that in just a bit.

There are plenty of activities to fill your day, including draw-dropping views and dazzling beaches on this tiny but enchanting island. Cádiz is a walkable town, making it great for solo travelers road tripping Andalusia. What’s more, it’s filled to the brim with history. 

In many ways, visiting Cádiz is like going back in time. 

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Photo by Jordi Vich Navarro on Unsplash

History of Cádiz

Rich in history, Cádiz has been under Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Visigoth, and Moorish rule. This makes for one epic mix of cultures, foods, and architecture. In time, Cádiz became the second-largest inhabited city in the region.

But back then, the now singular island was comprised of two, Erytheia and Kotinouessa. And the port, in its entirety, was named Gades (or Gadir) in print.

The city also has its place in Greek history as ancient stories claim it was the site of one of the Twelve Labors of Hercules. One of the stories highlights Hercules needing to travel to the island of Erytheia, and to this day, the municipality honors Hercules by including him on the city’s crest. 

Later, Cádiz was one of the locations where Christopher Columbus set sail for the Americas, backed by the Spanish monarchy, King Ferdinand II, and Queen Isabella. In modern times, the sparkling city is home to the second-largest carnival celebration in the world. And remains an alluring destination for tourists in Western Europe.

Seville to Cadiz – How to get there?

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Getting yourself, family, and friends from Seville to Cadiz, e is super simple, depending on the preferred method of transportation. Currently, visitors can travel from Seville to Cádiz on the available public transportation options like the bus or train or elect to order a BlaBlaCar or a taxi.

The bus and BlaBlaCar options are the most inexpensive methods of getting from Seville to Cádiz. Directly following is the train, perfect for mid-budget and sustainably-minded travelers. The most expensive option will be hiring a taxi. 

BlaBlaCar is the acting Uber transportation option in Andalusia. I recommend downloading it to your smart devices before the day of use. BlaBlaCar differs from Uber because pick up and drop off from your front door or location isn’t obligatory for the driver. Many pick-up points are 500 meters or more away from your starting location. 

Drivers may agree to come closer, but not all will oblige you. But if you’ve already got a rental car, chances are you’re getting comfortable driving in Spain and plugging in city coordinates on your hands-free navigation system.

Rental Car Companies in Seville

You can also book a day trip from Seville like this one.

Photo by Alberto Frías on Unsplash

Seville to Cadiz Train

For those who embrace sustainable travel, going to Cádiz from Seville via bus or train is your overland option. Both are comfortable and affordable and deliver great features like free WiFi or USB charging ports. The train station in Seville is called Santa Justa, and the ride is roughly one hour and forty minutes to arrive at the Cádiz station— the last stop on the route. 

Fuse travel tip: Don’t leave purchasing train or bus tickets until the day of travel

With only three to five departure times, train times can, and often do, sell out. Depending on the time of day, a roundtrip ticket to Cádiz from Seville, Santa Justa, will cost between 34 and 50 Euros.

Seville to Cadiz Bus

The bus station is called the Estación Plaza de Armas and is roughly 4 km (2 miles) from the train station. Bus departure times to Cádiz are scarce and often offered one, sometimes two times daily in either direction. 

The travel time via bus is an estimated two and a half hours, and tickets will run you 13 to 18 Euros per person, one way. Fuse recommends triple-checking bus departure times to deduce if bus travel is sensible for a day trip.

Rental Car Companies in Seville

Seville to Cadiz

1-Day Itinerary in Cádiz From Seville

Only have one day to spend adventuring in Cádiz? Not to worry, here is Fuse’s recommended 1-day itinerary for the Andalusian gem. 

  1. Visit the Cathedral and climb to the top of the attached Tower for exquisite views of the port city. This Cathedral is a staple in the municipality and has a crypt underneath it. 
  1. The Teatre Romano are ancient ruins of a Roman amphitheater safely tucked away near the edge of town. 
  1. Take a stroll through the Cádiz Museum for a glimpse of the history, archaeological finds, and plenty of air conditioning.

If free activities in the city interest you, start by taking a free walking tour with Cádizfornia. You’ll get the chance to pass two of three of the recommendations above on this tour. 

Another free Fuse recommendation in Cádiz is to walk along the Alameda Apodaca, a stretch of walkway lined with trees, fountains, and stunning sea views.

Speaking of parks, definitely prioritize visiting the Parque Genoves. The Botanical Garden is lush with over 100 imported trees from around the globe. Take the Alameda Apodaca up to Genoves or, in the reverse direction, go from Genoves to La Caleta Beach, the most historical and pictured beach in Cádiz. On the way, take a quick free tour of the Castillo Santa Catalina.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Mercado Central. Also free to enter, but visitors beware. The delicious food and free-flowing cerveza inside will entice those with the strongest bouts of willpower. 

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Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas on Unsplash

What to Eat While Visiting Cádiz 

When in Cádiz, eat seafood! A fish fry is a must-try dish consisting of sardines, calamari or shrimp, and cuttlefish. It’s served in wrapped paper and is best when poured on the table so everyone can access the finger-liking-good eats. 

If authentic cuisines from other countries are what your tastebuds prefer, Cádiz is perfect! There are Indian, Mediterranean, Cuban, and Thai food available in the city. Other incredible eateries include the authentic Mexican cuisine of Santa Catrina, where you can get authentic street tacos, tortilla chips, and guacamole, then wash them down with some tequila. 

Wishing you had more than a day in this enchanting place.! If you decide to plan an overnight in Cádiz, Fuse recommends the following mid-budget hotels in the city: 

If you’re visiting Spain with kids, Cádiz is a great destination to consider for the entire family.  Grab more Fuse recommendations for 1-day Spanish itineraries like One Day in Cordoba or what there is to do when visiting Barcelona in August.

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