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Italy in November, it’s like a well-aged wine, full of character and charm.

The uninitiated might raise an eyebrow. Isn’t summer the prime time for Italian escapades?

Ah, but those in the know understand that November is Italy’s best-kept secret.

No sweltering heat or tourist throngs to contend with; just you, the enchanting landscapes, delectable cuisine…and yes – Italy in November.

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Amalfi Coast November 2018

Pack Smartly for Italy in November

When visiting Italy, especially during the unpredictable month of November, your suitcase is like a magic wand – wielded correctly, it can make all the difference. This isn’t just about being fashionable; this is survival 101. 

You also want to keep in mind your luggage weight limits and how much you want to lug around. After all, colder temps mean bulkier items to pack.

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They say “what’s inside matters most”? Well, when packing for an early or late November visit to northern or central Italy (or even southern), layers matter more than anything else.

  • A base layer of long-sleeve tops and leggings will keep you snug as temperatures drop.
  • An outerwear piece such as a waterproof jacket might save you from sudden showers, common around this time, known as one of Italy’s rainiest months.
  • Lastly, don’t forget an umbrella. It won’t occupy much room, yet could be a lifesaver on downpour days.

Kickin’ it Comfortably: The Footwear Edition

If Cinderella taught us anything, it’s the importance that footwear holds. While exploring the streets of Venice or the quaint alleys of San Gimignano, consider sturdy sneakers over glass slippers – comfort reigns supreme here.

In areas with higher chances of rainfall like Lake Como among other Italian Lakes, waterproof boots would serve you well, ensuring no puddle gets in the way of your exploration plans.

I typically will take comfortable sneakers for during the day and one pair of long flat boots or ankle booties for the night. I also don’t forget my flip flops as I don’t want to walk barefoot at my hotel.

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My favorite white sneakers currently are the ones from Veja

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Say Yes To Accessories That Work Overtime:

  • A warm scarf not only adds European flair to outfits but also keeps you cozy as the temperature drops at night.
  • Gloves too prove to be a smart inclusion, keeping your hands warm while out and about on chilly evenings.
  • Shawls work great for November weather in Italy and so do warm hats. They are stylish and fun


Discovering Italy in November: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Embrace The Italian Pace

Rushing around like an espresso-fueled tourist isn’t going to cut it here. Italy demands slow savoring, not fast gulping.

You’re visiting Italy for its beauty, right? Take a break to appreciate the aroma of cappuccino and enjoy Italy’s beauty. Sure, Vatican Museums and the Colosseum are must-see attractions, but so is watching life unfold at a local cafe in Piazza della Signoria.

So the best tip here is don’t overlook yourself, especially since the weather can be a tad unpredictable. A little spontaneity never hurt anyone, especially when the weather cools significantly in early November leading into late November – Italy’s rainiest month.

If sunny days turn into rainy ones, swap outdoor activities with indoor pursuits such as exploring museums or enjoying delectable Italian cuisine indoors.

Where to go in Italy in November?

If Italy in November is your destination, you’re about to embark on a journey of stunning vistas and rich culture. Here’s where to point your compass.

Venice: The City of Canals

Venice, with its labyrinthine canals and romantic gondolas, should be at the top of your list. As early November rolls around, Venice shakes off its summer crowds just as it dons an enchanting charm for the Madonna della Salute Festival late in the month.

Rome: Where History Breathes

The eternal city calls. Rome boasts fewer tourists during this time than over those bustling summer months. This means more elbow room while exploring wonders like Vatican Museums or taking that perfect Colosseum selfie.

Florence & San Gimignano: A Tuscan Treat

In central Italy lies Florence, cradle of Renaissance art and architecture – truly a feast for the eyes. Just a short drive away is medieval marvel San Gimignano – both cities offering their unique charms whether under sunny skies or rainy days.

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Lake Como & Italian Lakes Region: Serenity Served Chilled

Northern Italy’s Lake Como along with other lakes are nature’s masterpieces awaiting discovery when the weather cools down significantly in November. Plus points? Low season rates at plush hotels overlooking these pristine waters make luxury affordable too.

Sorrento & Amalfi Coast: Southern Comforts

Southern gems Naples (pizza anyone?) and Amalfi Coast offer distinct experiences from historical treasures to picturesque villages such as Positano respectively – all without battling peak-season hordes. So why not visit different regions across northern, central, or southern parts depending upon what tickles your travel fancy?

It is warmer in Southern Italy then in the North so this is a great time to visit Capri and Positano, especially in early November. We stayed in Sorrento at Hotel Minerva and loved it. We got the hotel for almost half off since it was low season.

Hotel Minerva in Sorrento

Remember planning ahead ensures no must-see attraction gets missed out while visiting various corners during this great month.

Festivals and Holidays In Italy in November

Prepare for an extra level of cultural vibrancy when you visit Italy in November, as the month is full of festivals and national holidays. The month is brimming with festivals and national holidays that add an extra layer of authenticity to your Italian adventure.

Saints’ Day and Souls’ Day

The Italians kick off the month by paying homage to their dearly departed on All Saints’ Day (November 1st) followed by Souls’ Day (November 2nd). These public holidays are steeped in tradition as families gather at cemeteries, leaving flowers on graves – a solemn yet beautiful custom worth witnessing.

Madonna della Salute Festival

Venice holds its own unique celebration come November 21st – the Madonna della Salute festival. This event marks the end of a devastating plague from centuries ago where Venetians march across a temporary bridge leading up to La Salute Church. It’s both historically significant and offers intriguing insights into local culture.

Festa Della Repubblica: A National Holiday

Late November also ushers another less known national holiday – Festa Della Repubblica celebrated annually, marking Italy’s transition from monarchy post World War II. While it may not rival Christmas markets that start popping up late-November onwards, being aware helps plan around potential closures during this period.

  1. All Saints’ Day long weekend can get crowded, especially if visiting popular destinations like Lake Como located in Northern Italy or central regions such as San Gimignano, so ensure you have bookings done ahead.
  2. Early November often sees rainy days, considering it’s one among Italy’s rainiest months, though southern parts like the Amalfi coast still offer sunny spells before the weather cools down towards year-end.

Beyond specific dates, stepping foot in cities such as Rome or Florence in late November means soaking up the festive atmosphere building up to the Christmas season – streets adorned with twinkling lights while shop windows display elaborate nativity scenes called ‘presepi’. And don’t forget advent calendars filled with delicious chocolates.

Experience Local Cuisine

If you’re visiting Italy in November, prepare your taste buds for a gastronomic adventure. Italian cuisine is renowned worldwide, and experiencing it firsthand during the fall season is nothing short of delightful.

Savor Northern Italy’s Autumnal Offerings

Northern Italy serves up hearty meals that are perfect companions to the region’s cooler weather. From Lombardy to Piedmont, expect polenta, risotto, and osso buco (braised veal shanks) on most menus. A pit stop at Lake Como, nestled within northern Italy’s culinary heartland, will surely satisfy any foodie craving.

Celebrate San Martino with locals by indulging in new wine tastings paired with roasted chestnuts – an autumn delicacy.

Dive into Central Italian Delicacies

The central part of this boot-shaped country boasts Tuscany where truffle season peaks in early November. Don’t miss out on visiting the medieval town of San Gimignano.

Known for its Vernaccia white wine and saffron production, it’s a haven for epicureans like yourself. And when in Rome…do as Romans do: enjoy artichokes alla Romana or carciofi alla giudia around this time. I had some delicious fried polenta with a cheesy sauce when I visited there.

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Taste Southern Italian Specialties

In southern regions such as the Amalfi Coast and Sicily, citrus fruits start ripening in late November, which means fresh lemon-based desserts galore. Pasta con le sarde (sardine pasta), a traditional Sicilian dish often enjoyed during this month, should also be added to your must-try list.

  1. To truly experience St Martin Feast Day celebrated every 11th day of November, join locals sipping vino novello (new wine) while munching fritelle di San Martino – sweet fried dough balls filled with raisins and pine nuts – another regional delight worth trying.

Take Advantage of Weather Conditions

If you’re considering visiting Italy in November, the weather can be a bit like your aunt’s famous spaghetti sauce – unpredictable yet exciting. But fear not. With some insider knowledge and clever planning, any type of Italian climate will work to your advantage.

Northern vs Southern November Weather in Italy

In regions such as Lake Como and other Italian Lakes, early November brings sunny days before late November ushers in cooler temperatures with occasional rainy days. This is also prime time for leaf-peeping.

Moving southwards towards Naples or the Amalfi Coast? Expect milder year-round conditions even into late November – sunglasses are definitely recommended here.

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Italy in November is an experience like no other.

You’ve learned how to pack smartly, taking into account the mild weather and cultural norms.

We’ve explored the best cities, each with its unique charm and vibrant festivities during this time of year.

The local cuisine? Simply divine. From truffles in Piedmont to hearty stews in Tuscany, your palate will thank you for it.

Sightseeing has been planned meticulously; every landmark holds a story waiting to be discovered by you.

Now that we have unveiled Italy’s best-kept secret – visiting in November – it’s time for action!

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