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There are many romantic things to do in Tuscany & Rome that you should not miss!

It’s difficult to visit Italy without thinking of romance.

It is known for its lovely streets, captivating cultures, and delectable food and beverages. It is a country worth visiting with your spouse or partner because of these traits.

For the past five years, my husband and I have traveled to Italy, and each year we attempt something new and different.

In today’s article, I’ll discuss what to do in Tuscany & Rome with your significant other so you may enjoy a romantic trip to Italy!

Is Tuscany a Romantic Place?

Absolutely, from the views to wine tasting, to natural springs, Tuscany is a super romantic place. It is also a great area to unwind and be with your beloved. I’m thrilled to share this list of romantic activities to do in Tuscany with you, and I’m confident you’ll want to put it on your couples bucket list.

#1 Take a Road Trip – Drive From Rome To Florence

How many days in Florence for a couple

Driving over the Tuscan hills with my hubby was one of the best things I’ve ever done with him.

There’s something special about driving through the countryside with the windows down, seeing the sunset, listening to Italian music, and appreciating the moon when she appears.

The first piece of advice is to rent a car and take a road trip to Florence if you are up for the challenge lol. Here are some tips I share on my Tik Tok all about driving in Italy.

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We were a little hesitant when we first considered renting a car in Italy. After doing some research, I discovered that once out of the city, the highway known as Autostrada is a rather easy trip.

( but this time around in March 2022, there were a lot of trucks on the Autostrada and my husband wasn’t a fan of this)

You won’t need a car while in Rome because the city is quite walkable and taking the bus is simple. However, if you want to see the smaller towns, you’ll need to rent a car.

After reading online discussions regarding driving in Italy, my spouse decided to get an international driver’s license simply to be safe.

Although many of their other tourists said that they were never stopped by the authorities, you never know. You can get it at a Triple AAA office near you. It’s quick and reasonably priced.

driving in Tuscany Italy

One thing to keep in mind is that most of the vehicles run on diesel, which means that gas is pricey. If you prefer to travel on a budget, keep this in mind.

I still believe it is preferable to take the bus because it allows you to stop at a few towns along the way. We hired from Rental Cars and took advantage of the WiFi connection when we didn’t have access to the internet while traveling, which was fantastic. But the train is a great option if you are not stopping by the smaller towns.

We didn’t need the hotspot the second time we conducted this drive because we had internet on our phones.

Oh, and you’ll want to stay in a smaller town somewhere along the road. It is an absolute must-see on any romantic Tuscany road trip!

#2 Sleep in a small town between Rome & Florence

The main reason we rent a car is to do exactly this! We find that these smaller towns are so friendly, cheap and also give us an opportunity to unwind from the hustle and bustle of Rome.

We had an excellent time seeing Montemerano, Sienna, Chianciano, and San Gimignano, a charming medieval town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Check out this awesome One Day in Siena, Best Vites & Views post.

These communities transport you back in time, making the rush and bustle of everyday life seem far away.

You rekindle your relationship and are reminded of the importance of being present in the moment and enjoying each other’s company. It’s a delightful experience and one of Tuscany’s most romantic activities!

how many days in Florence Italy

Tuscany Towns To Visit between Rome & Florence

  • San Gimignano – cute, small medieval town
  • Siena – a much bigger medieval town where you will need many more hours to explore
  • Pienza – haven’t been, but on the list
  • Orvietto – haven’t been, but on the list
  • Chianciano – is an amazing small town with natural hot springs and so romantic.
  • Montepulciano – this had one of the best foods we have ever eaten in Italy
  • Montalcino – haven’t been but on the list
  • Saturnia – or any small town near this hot spring

If you would like to learn more about some of these Tuscan towns, check out my Blog Post – 4 Tuscan Cities to Visit For Couples.

Italy in the Fall - Tuscany

#3 Visit a Natural Hot Spring In Tuscany

Tuscany is well-known for its picturesque hills and wine regions. It is, nonetheless, an Italian region rich in natural springs. At least one natural spring visit should be included in your schedule.

We usually stay in Rome for a few days before driving to Florence. This road trip allows us to stop in smaller villages along the way and sample some of the best food and wine the region has to offer.

In addition, smaller cities have more reasonable costs.

Saturnia Hot Springs Review

One of my old college roommates had lived in Italy for a long time and had the brilliant idea of taking us to Saturnia Falls.

She recommended that we stay in Montemerano, which is near the volcanic hot springs. It was a joy to drive to the top of the hill and look down on the natural spring.

We visited in November, so the small town was decked out for the holidays and resembled a nativity scene. We literally felt like we were inside a movie set.

We stayed at Mastro Titta Pizza Eat & Sleep and I am not sure if it’s still open now as this was pre-pandemic, but if they are, it is a great place to stay.

It is a part hotel, part restaurant where you can eat and sleep. We were greeted by a nice young man who had water and a welcome drink for us.

He then stated that our stay included dinner later. We told him of our plans to go to the falls at Saturnia, and he suggested that we buy a bottle of wine to enjoy there.

I can’t say that it was a bad idea! Read the full Saturnia Hot Springs Review.

What to take to the Natural Tuscany Springs

  • Bottle of wine or your favorite drink
  • Flip flops – The rocks did hurt my feet a bit
  • Towels – Did I mention we didn’t take towels, and it was around 40 degrees out of the water? 
  • Robes – I was so jealous of the people who had robes
  • GoPro or cell phone for pictures – The smoke effect as the warm water hit the cold air was really cool

Visit Chianciano Terme

We decided to repeat the same road trip again on our third trip to Rome, but this time, we decided to stop in a small town in Chianciano.

This settlement is located near Montepulciano, a well-known Italian wine town. We went in October this time, so it was a little warmer.

After all of our walking in Rome, we wanted a spa day, but we were on a budget.

We began our journey at the charming Hotel Lory, where the staff spoke little English but served a delicious breakfast and presented us with amazing views like out of a movie.

It was also only €56, making it a fantastic deal. This is a romantic hotel because it offers its own couple’s spa services and pool room.

Romantic spa packages and couples’ treatments are available on their website. We didn’t have time to take advantage of their couple’s spa package, but I want to do so in the future. Check out my YouTube Video about my experience there.

#4 Watch a Beautiful Tuscan Sunset

Tuscany is a great spot for sunsets since it is breath-taking, quiet, and rich in history.

I am a lover of sunsets, and I chase them whenever I go. So after having an appetizer and buying a €10 bottle of our favorite wine, we sought sunset spots.

After browsing a few websites, I saw a great review of a restaurant in Montepulciano that stated it was an incredible sunset spot for couples.

We quickly drove up the hills to try and catch the sunset. We basically missed it, but we found one of the best meals in the world there.

The restaurant is called E Lucevan le Stelle, and we had wild boar ragout, which I never thought I would like but was incredible. 

You can’t go wrong with sunset watching in Italy, especially in Tuscany.

Sunset Piazza Michelangelo

italy family vacation 3

You can not visit Florence without watching a sunset at the Piazza Michelangelo. This is an absolute must! You can take the bus or take a walk about 25 minutes from the Ponte Vecchio region. The walk has such a scenic view and yes it’s a hike up but worth it.

Tips for Watching the Sunset As a Couple At Piazza Michelangelo

  • First, check the sunset time for the season you are visiting there
  • Stop by a supermarket and purchase your choice of drink and get some snacks.
  • Decide if you will walk up or take the bus. If you are taking the bus, check Google Maps or Apple Maps so you can know where the bus stop will be and the times. Give yourself more time if taking the bus.
  • Start heading up about 2 hours before sunset or even 2.5 hours. The staircase gets crowded and you want to guarantee a spot for a great view
  • Once you arrive, find your seat then start capturing selfies and photos all around. Go up then down and take in the scenic view.
  • Drink, cheer, eat and be merry. Enjoy this special time as a couple and take in the beautiful sunset.
  • Take photos! You will want to document this time!
  • Take some change as there are street performers there and if you like any, you can tip them
  • Take a selfie stick so you can get the beautiful city of Florence behind in your self

#5 Wine and Dine Date in Tuscany

Tuscany is about wine and food! We love to explore food options in this region. We have done a wine tour once, but we would love to do the Vespa tour in the future. Our favorite restaurant in Florence is Trattoria Dal’oste. It is a true culinary experience and so much cheaper than dining out in the USA.

@fusetravels When I’m Florence Italy you must visit @Trattoriadalloste #florenceitaly #florenceitaly???????? #tuscany2022 #italytiktok ♬ Le Festin (From “Ratatouille”) – Movie Sounds Unlimited

We also love aperitivo in Montalpulciano and Chianchiano! These small towns are so romantic. Make sure you Google some recommendations and set up a super romantic date! Also, go on a wine tasting tour or just do wine tasting at the many locations.

If visiting Florence, go on a brunch-like date at Mercato Centrale! What a treat this place is. You can shop on the 1st floor then go up to the second floor and be immersed in many food options. I recommend you spend 2 hours there and just do taste testing and of course have some beer or wine. We had burgers, pasta and pizza! I wish we had room for dessert

#6 Take a Night Stroll in Florence

So one thing we love to do in Italy is to get lost, as every corner offers something new to see. But a night stroll also super romantic, especially at Ponte Vechhio. Just wander without any plans and take a nice stroll.

#7 Go Shopping in Tuscany

When in Florence, I love to shop at Zara and H&M for cool finds. I find that shopping together abroad is a whole lot of fun. This time around, we also found this cool shoe store called SHOT, which had many name-brand sneakers at lower prices than in the US.

Overall, romance and Tuscany just go together so this is a great area to rekindle your relationship or just to enjoy each other. What are your favorite romantic things to do in Italy?

Follow me on Tik Tok for more tips and recommendations for an epic trip to Italy. If you wish to travel with your family, check out my blog post

Bonus Tip – Ride a hot air balloon ride in Siena, Italy.

Also check out 4 Tuscan Cities to Visit, Italy in March.

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