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Breathtaking sunsets featuring fiery skies, gently rolling waves, and gorgeous golden sandy beaches all await in Kassandra, a sun-drenched peninsula in Halkidiki, Greece.

Kassandra truly is a treasure trove for beach lovers, trust me! I reckon this scenic peninsula offers the perfect blend of sun, sand, and peace. Whether you’re a solo wanderer seeking a tranquil retreat, a family looking for non-stop fun, or a couple in search of romantic sunset moments, Kassandra’s beaches have something for everyone.

This guide to the best beaches in Kassandra shares my insider tips, so you can enjoy this paradise without needing too much money or planning time. This is based on my recent visit to the picturesque Greek peninsula. Which, incidentally, was formerly known as Flegra, and that translates to “place of fire”.

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This article begins with a comparison between Sithonia and Kassandra, in case you’re not sure where to go. Also covered is the geography of the area, getting around, local activities and attractions, when to visit, and what to pack, as well as a rundown of the best beaches. These are listed as the best beaches overall, plus the top Kassandra beaches for families. 

Keep reading to find out which Kassandra beaches will suit you best!

Sithonia vs. Kassandra: Which to Choose

I’ve been lucky enough to visit both Sithonia and Kassandra. But if you only have time for one, which should you choose?

Sithonia beaches are, in the main, wilder and more secluded than Kassandra’s. This can offer a feeling of escapism, and a connection with nature. Kassandra, however, has a livelier atmosphere. The beaches here tend to have better facilities, and are thus more suitable for families. Kassandra beaches, for me, offer an ideal blend of relaxation and entertainment for family travel.

The peninsula does get packed in the summer, so planning your Greek beach vacation ahead of time is essential!

Kassandra Beach Basics


Halkidiki is a region in Northern Greece. It’s known for its trident-like shape, comprising three distinct peninsulas which jut out into the Aegean Sea. Each “finger” of this trident offers a unique experience.


Kassandra is the westernmost peninsula of Halkidiki. It’s the most vibrant and accessible of the three Halkidiki areas. Offering lively beaches with crystal-clear waters and good facilities, Kassandra is a great all-rounder.


The central peninsula, Sithonia, is heavenly for nature lovers. It’s less developed than Kassandra, and therefore offers more rugged landscapes, hidden coves, and peaceful coastal spots. Sithonia is perfect for those seeking a more laid-back and unspoiled beach experience. 

Mount Athos

The easternmost peninsula of Halkidiki is home to the autonomous, monastic state of Mount Athos. Access is restricted to this unique spiritual retreat, and it’s primarily a destination for religious pilgrimage rather than beach tourism. I had the pleasure of doing a boat tour around Mount Athos and it was very cool.

I also love some of the wine and olive oil that is produced there.

Getting to Kassandra Beaches

Kassandra is conveniently located, cutting down transfer times for travelers. It’s approximately 85 kilometers (or 53 miles) from Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city. This means you can land at Thessaloniki airport and, within a couple of hours, dip your toes in the warm waters of the Aegean.

This is what we did, we drove there and you can learn more about Driving in Greece here.

Closest Airport

Thessaloniki Airport – officially Thessaloniki Airport “Makedonia” – is the closest airport to Kassandra. It’s also known by the code SKG. Thessaloniki Airport is well-connected to many European cities, offering both scheduled and charter flights within Greece and beyond. 

From the airport, you can reach Kassandra by bus, rent a car, or take a taxi. 

driving in Greece tips

Getting Around Kassandra by Car

Renting a car in Kassandra can be a smart move.  Quite simply, our recent trip to Greece would not have been the same without renting a car. If you don’t mind driving abroad, the main advantages are as follows.  

Freedom and Flexibility

With a car, you’re at liberty to explore Kassandra’s picturesque beaches and pretty villages at your own pace. Whether you’re an early bird wishing to catch a serene sunrise, or a night owl wanting to experience the buzzing beach bars, a hire car gives you full flexibility to go where you want and when.

Convenience and Comfort

While public transport can be an option, the services available may not always suit your schedule. Nor can local transport always take you directly to some of the more secluded spots. 

A rental car offers the convenience of traveling as and when it suits you. It can be especially beneficial if you’re vacationing as a family, or want to bring your own beach gear. Believe me, the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle is also a very welcome luxury after a day under the scorching Greek summer sun!


If you’re traveling with family or friends, renting a car can be more economical per person. Sharing the costs of rental and fuel often works out cheaper than buying multiple public transport tickets – or relying on taxis.


A car can save you valuable vacation time, which might otherwise be spent on waiting for buses or arranging other transport. More time for you means more unwinding, swimming in the sea, and sampling the yummy local cuisine.

More Choice of Accommodation

Some of the most charming Kassandra accommodation options aren’t as easy to access via public transport. Having a car means that you can get to such lovely spots easily. You can then drive from wherever you’re staying to the beach, too. 

The Best Time To Visit Kassandra Beaches

As you might expect, Kassandra is blessed with a Mediterranean climate, making it an ideal beach destination. The best time to visit is between late spring and early autumn, when there’s lots of sunshine, and the water temperature tends to be just right.

July and August are the hottest months. So they’re perfect for sun worshippers, but do keep in mind that this is the peak season. Visiting in June or September, meanwhile, offers a more peaceful experience, with fewer crowds.

We went to Kassandra in late May last year. Atypically, it was still cold then, so we ended up not going swimming. The beaches, however, were absolutely stunning, ensuring we enjoyed our visit nonetheless.

Best Beaches in Kassandra

Kallithea Beach

Kallithea is known for its vibrant atmosphere, and as such attracts young travelers and party-goers. The variety of clubs and bars offers a lively nightlife scene. By day, the clear blue waters and water sports facilities also make Kallithea appeal to those in search of action and adventure.

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Sani Beach

Sani is a clean, family-friendly beach, with crystal-clear waters and fine, golden sand. It also offers good facilities, including plenty of sunbeds, umbrellas, and beach bars, making it perfect for a day of fun and relaxation. The nearby Sani Resort also offers a range of dining options and entertainment.

Possidi Beach

Possidi beach is known for its striking lighthouse and Possidi Cape, a narrow strip of sand stretching into the sea. This quieter option is perfect for those seeking peace and tranquility. The clear, shallow waters make this one of the safest choices for families with children, too. 

Afytos Beach

Offering a more traditional and tranquil experience, Afytos Beach is abundant in natural beauty and appealing architecture. The crystal-clear water is ideal for snorkeling and swimming. Afytos village is perched on a cliff top overlooking the beach, and this can give you a glimpse into the traditional, authentic Greek way of life. 

Kassandra Beaches

Check out my Afytos Beach review to find out more about this lovely place.

Hidden Gems

For those who love to get off the beaten path, Kassandra beaches like Chrousso and Loutra offer a more secluded beach experience. Such hidden gems are perfect for a day of total relaxation and sunbathing.

Best Kassandra Beaches for Families

Some of the best beaches in Kassandra for families include the following.

Siviri Beach

This beach is known for its family-friendly vibe. It’s well-organized, with a long stretch of golden sand, plus various facilities such as restaurants, bars, and disabled access.

Fourka Beach

Located in the picturesque village of Fourka, this Blue Flag beach offers a family-friendly atmosphere. It has soft sand, and the calm ocean conditions are perfect for swimming and water sports. This beach tends to be less crowded than others, with more space and a relaxed atmosphere.

Possidi Beach

Possidi Beach is also ideal for families. The beautiful, peaceful setting is ideal for children who enjoy swimming and building sandcastles.

marko markovic jYA6cWHMhWo unsplash

Sani Beach

Sani is known for its shallow, calm waters and soft sand, and is thus ideal for families. The beach offers plenty of amenities, including a lifeguard service, making it a safer choice for children.

olychrono Beach

This beach offers the perfect blend of natural beauty and convenient facilities. The water is clear and shallow, and therefore great for young swimmers. The beachfront is lined with cafes and restaurants, too, making snacks, drinks, and meals easily accessible.

Top tips for families 

Kids’ Activities

Beyond the beach, consider visiting the Kassandra Festival in summer. This runs between late July and late August, and often features events and activities that are suitable for children. The local Crazyland Water Park also offers a fun-filled day for the whole family.

Family Accommodations

Look for family-friendly hotels or resorts offering dedicated children’s amenities and staff, such as kids’ clubs, children’s pools, playgrounds, and family rooms. Many places also provide special meal options for younger guests.

These Kassandra beaches provide a safe and enjoyable environment for families, and their amenities combined with natural beauty are capable of pleasing both adults and children.

  1. Porto Sani: A world-class property with a private beach, water sports facilities, children’s club, playground, and library. It offers tennis courts, rental bikes, babysitting services, and themed buffets for families4.
  2. Ikos Oceania: Offers exceptional sea views from balconies, family rooms, family suites with private gardens, indoor and outdoor play areas for kids, free bikes, swimming pools, traditional Greek dishes, and beautifully decorated family rooms with garden or gulf views4.
  3. Pomegranate Wellness Spa Hotel: Provides air-conditioned guestrooms suitable for children of all ages with free cots and beds. Family suites offer separate bedrooms for kids and dedicated living areas. The hotel also offers babysitting and child services4.
  4. The Petrino Suites: Located in beautiful Athitos on the Kassandra peninsula, this hotel offers spacious family accommodations more like apartments than conventional hotel rooms. It is a beautifully designed hotel converted from a traditional stone house with an excellent restaurant3.

These accommodations offer a range of amenities suitable for families visiting the Kassandra Peninsula in Greece.

Kassandra Beach Activities and Attractions

Water Sports

Adrenaline junkies will be delighted by the fact that Kassandra’s beaches offer a plethora of water sports. From jet skiing at Kallithea to windsurfing at Sani, there’s something for every thrill-seeker. For beginners, local schools also offer tuition.

Beach Bars and Restaurants

The beaches along the Kassandra coastline are lined with a variety of beach bars and restaurants catering to all tastes. Enjoy a cocktail at one of Sani’s trendy beach bars, or tuck into some of the freshest seafood you’d find anywhere at a traditional Greek taverna in Afytos.

Such spots provide the perfect setting for watching the sunset over the Aegean Sea. 

Cultural Spots

Kassandra is rich in history and cultural heritage, as well as beautiful beaches. While vacationing in the area you can, for instance, visit the Sanctuary of Ammon Zeus near Kallithea, or explore the traditional stone houses and churches of Afytos. 

Such spots offer a nice change from beach life, and a chance to immerse yourself in local Greek history and architecture.

Nature Trails

Kassandra offers a variety of scenic trails and paths that are perfect for nature enthusiasts. The pine forests around Sani and the local wetlands are great for bird watching and nature photography. 

In summer, when it’s hot, these trails are perfect for morning hikes, or a leisurely evening walk while it’s cooler.

Local Festivals

Depending on the timing of your visit, you might catch one of Kassandra’s local festivals. These events are a great way to experience Greek culture, including traditional music, dance, and food.

The Kassandra Festival, for example, takes place every summer between late July and late August. 

How to Visit Kassandra Beaches on a Budget


To stay within budget, consider booking apartments or family-run guesthouses, which often offer better deals than larger hotels. Such places can also have much more of a local feel. 

Utilizing platforms like and Expedia can help you compare prices, while finding affordable options close to Kassandra’s best beaches. 

Booking well in advance, or during the shoulder season (in late spring or early autumn) can also lead to significant savings.

We stayed at the Blue Bay Hotel, and can 100% recommend it. It’s located pretty close to Afythos, and offers impressive amenities and delicious dining options. The views are also stunning.


The Kassandra peninsula is liberally sprinkled with tavernas serving genuine Greek cuisine at reasonable prices. To save cash, go where the locals eat to get authentic and more affordable meals. 

Picking up street food, like gyros and souvlaki, is also a cheap yet tasty way to experience the Greek food scene. Don’t forget to try the local seafood, too, which is often reasonably priced, and should always be freshly caught and cooked.

  1. Archontiko – A. Paraskevi: Known for its traditional Greek cuisine.
  2. Giannikos Taverna – Paliouri: Offers authentic Greek dishes.
  3. Navagos Beach Club: A great spot for beachside dining.
  4. Alexis – Sani Marina: Known for its seafood and Mediterranean cuisine.
  5. Metoxi: Offers a variety of dishes to cater to different tastes1.

Other notable restaurants in Kassandra include:

  • Korali Seafood Restaurant in Kallithea, known for its seafood dishes2.
  • Beach House offering seafood, Mediterranean, European, and Greek cuisine3.
  • Thea ThalassaAnthoulas RestaurantNefeli Garden Restaurant, and more as part of the 50 best restaurants in Kassandra4.

Traveler tip

Always ask the hotel reception staff, or locals like drivers, hotel workers, and shop assistants, for their recommendations on where to find authentic Greek cuisine.

Kassandra Beach Costs

Many beaches in Kassandra offer free access, with optional paid amenities like sunbeds and umbrellas. To save money on these, bring your own beach mat and umbrella. 

Packing snacks and water that you’ve bought beforehand from local supermarkets can also reduce costs, as compared to buying them at beachside bars.

Traveler tip

You can buy umbrellas, beach chairs, and mats at Greek supermarkets. This is cheaper than buying them at the tourist shops by the beach. 

Free Beach Activities

Explore the natural beauty of Kassandra by visiting its free attractions. Hiking trails, exploring quaint villages like Afytos, and enjoying the stunning sunsets cost nothing. Yet these can be the most memorable experiences of your entire vacation!

What to Pack for Kassandra Beaches

Beach Essentials

A good SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed sun hat are must-haves to protect you from the strong rays of the Mediterranean sun. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and a beach towel too, plus a good book or two for lounging by the sea.


Wear comfortable sandals for the beach. If you want to explore, pack some walking shoes, too, for wandering around local villages and hiking the nature trails.

Beach Bag

A sturdy and preferably waterproof beach bag or backpack will carry all your essentials. Mesh bags can be good as all the sand simply falls straight out, but won’t offer much protection for gadgets or valuables. You can get around this, though, by bringing along waterproof pouches or ziploc bags. 

You could also use a cool bag or backpack if you want to keep food and drinks chilled. 

Camera or Smartphone

To capture the stunning scenery and memorable moments, don’t forget your camera! A waterproof phone case or a camera cover can give you peace of mind, especially if the kids will be splashing around.

Reusable Water Bottle

The rays of the Greek sun can be very strong indeed. Carrying a reusable water bottle ensures you’ll stay hydrated throughout the day, while remaining eco-friendly.

Snorkeling Equipment

If you’re into underwater exploration, don’t forget to pack a snorkeling set, so you can enjoy delving beneath the surface of the ocean.

Lightweight Clothing

Kassandra’s climate is hot between late spring and early autumn, so bring lightweight, breathable clothing to wear at the beach. For cooler evenings, it’s worth including a light jacket or sweater with your luggage. 

Emergency Kit

Make sure you bring any prescribed medications you’ll need, plus some basic first aid supplies. Insect repellent is also essential, especially during the evenings, when the insects are at their most active!

Kassandra Beaches Wrap-Up

The Greek peninsula of Kassandra is a paradisiacal place, offering so much more than just sun and sand. The lively shores of Kallithea, for instance, are perfect for party animals, while  the tranquil waters of traditional Afytos are ideal for those seeking a more authentic, local experience. 

Whether you want to find family-friendly seaside spots with good facilities, are seeking a romantic escape for the two of you, or want to explore the local landscapes or cultural scene, Kassandra’s beaches offer something for everyone. 

When will you be making your own memories in Kassandra? Whether it’s your first visit or a long-anticipated return to this lovely destination, I’d love to hear about your experiences. Why not share your stories, tell us your favorite beaches, or ask any questions in the comments below?

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