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Hi there! I am a mom, and I absolutely love to travel! So I think it’s safe to say I’m a great fit to write this blog post, and you should read on. Lol. Just kidding. Well, sort of. First and foremost, moms who love to travel want well-paid vacations as a top gift for anything. But if that’s not possible, then here are some great ideas for your traveling mom.

Travel Accessory Gifts

A woman can never have too many accessories, especially ones that will make her traveling life easier. If your mom is a savvy traveler, she may already have loads of accessories, so I’m including some that are perhaps not on her list.

  • Packing Cubes. These have changed my traveling life! Packing cubes are essentially mesh-like bags that help you organize your clothes when packing. You can easily find them in stores like TJ Maxx & Marshalls, but you will definitely want to test out the quality of the material. If it’s plasticy, tough, and weird, don’t buy it. The two brands I currently have are Mia Toro and E-Bags. My TikTok followers also swear by the brand Eagle Creek Packing Cubes. I do love these from Target.

    Check to see if your mom has packing cubes, and if she does, she may need an upgrade. Also, check the sizes that she has. maybe she needs a smaller set or a larger one.

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  • Portable charger. When traveling, especially internationally, portable chargers are lifesavers. But not just any portable charger. We love this orange one by Mycharge. We have had ours for years, and it’s been super durable.
  • International wall adapter. Wall plugs are different in other countries, so it’s great if your mom has an international wall adapter. You can find it at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and even Target. 
  • Travel Pillow. I haven’t found the perfect one, but have been wanting to try unique alternatives like these:
    1. Ostrich Pillow
    2. TravelRest Ultimate Pillow
    3. Adjustable Travel Pillow
    4. Inflatable Portable Pillow 
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  1. Portable Luggage Scale
  2. Accessory Organizer – 
  3. Waterproof Dry Bag

Vacation Outfits For Moms

Check to see if she has any upcoming trips planned, and first see what time of year her trip will be. Then decide on the types of travel outfits your mom may need.

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When it comes to women travelers, there are a few traveling essentials that she typically needs to replenish. These would be tank tops, black leggings, comfy socks, and no-show socks. Depending on your mom’s style, you also want to get her a great spring jacket or a fashion jacket like Elan’s Rock & Roll one. If you want to do a little splurging, then get your mom a nice black leather jacket that will last for many trips to come.

One can never go wrong with white comfortable sneakers, and the one that is trending amongst many fashionistas is the Veja one.

Airport Outfits

The internet and social media have made us travelers. We all want to look super cute at the airport so we can post that airport travel outfit! This is such a popular topic on Pinterest that I have a board just about that. Between cute hats & travel mode t-shirts to comfy matching outfits, there are loads of options to choose from. Check out my Pinterest board for inspiration.

Travel Related Memory Gifts

So, where does your mom love to travel to? I, for one, love to travel to Italy, so I typically will look for Etsy sellers or smaller vendors that sell items related to the country that I love. For example, I stumbled upon Smitten Italy and immediately knew I wanted to get some of the artwork. I was inspired to build an Italy-inspired wall, and her items were perfect! I especially loved that her gold foil printout could be customized. If you provide her with the longitude and latitude of a specific place in the cities she has listed, she can pinpoint that exact map location for the artwork. For example, we chose Trastevere for our print, and we love it.

So, visit Etsy and look up the country your mom loves, and see if there are any unique travel gifts she would love. Some unique travel-related gifts are luggage tags, custom passport holders. 

Travel Experience Gifts

Moms who love to travel typically value experiences over things. For example, I always put travel as a priority over any party or even home decor. If you feel that is also your mom, then I recommend you invest in an experience for her. This can be a local experience, like a concert, art gallery exhibit, or even a cooking class, or this can be an experience that you find on Airbnb for an upcoming trip she has booked. Speak with your dad, or the person she is traveling with, to make sure you don’t gift her an experience she has already booked. This Airbnb Nonna Experience is a must for Rome.@fusetravels The best Rome experience @airbnb #airbnbexperience#italytrip✈️#rometravels#italytrip2022#italytravel2022#rometips♬ L’appuntamento – Ornella Vanoni

Another cool gift idea is to pay for an airport day lounge pass. Some travel lounges allow you to buy a day pass. These lounges are great for food & rest, especially during long layovers. Last but not least, if you will be on vacation with your mom, hire a local photographer. She will be thrilled to have a professional capture her family while traveling. That is a gift on its own.

The Techie Mom Gifts

I don’t consider myself a techie, per se, but I am a photographer. So, with that in mind, here are some techie things that do make a vacation, well, better.

  • AirFly Wireless Transmitter for Wireless/Noise-Canceling Headphones
  • Selfie Stick
  • Go Pro
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  • Portable Charger 
  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera
  • iPhone Camera Lenses 
  • Mini Travel Steam Iron

Overall, you can never go wrong with some Starbucks gift cards and a massage! My kids would also throw in a gift card from Total Wine ???? 

I hope you have enjoyed this gift guide. Pelase feel free to share.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Moms Who Love To Travel
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