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Hello, 2nd quarter of 2020. I didn’t expect all of this to happen in the world and around here, but it is so. Our quarantine life started on March 13 so today is day 19, and I decided to share some random thoughts that have occurred in my head during these last 19 days. You may relate, you may have some new ones, you may disagree, but I hope you laugh a few times reading this as we could all use a little humor today. Here are my random thoughts while quarantined.

P.S I may have said some of these out loud.

P.P.S Read them in Samuel Jackson’s voice because this is all so crazy.

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  1. If this kid says he is starving once again, I will make him watch videos of 4th world countries and the real struggles of food
  2. He can’t be hungry again
  3. Who is at the fridge at this time?
  4. I am so glad my tubes are tied and I can’t get pregnant now
  5. What day is it?
  6. Is it over yet?
  7. What is up with that curve today?
  8. I feel so bad for the elderly who can’t see their family
  9. Is this thing airborne?
  10. Was this created in a lab?
  11. I think I am gonna bake bread
  12. How can my dog sleep so much during the day when he sleeps all night?
  13. Is it over yet?
  14. I won’t eat carbs
  15. Oh but that Brazilian bread recipe looks so easy to make
  16. Will my clients cancel?
  17. If I let them sleep in, then they will east less! Score!
  18. I am so glad I don’t have to home school these teens, they are on their own
  19. Will we have to pay April rent?
  20. I can’t believe I was in the middle of getting a mortgage approved then this happened
  21. They better not run out of Bustelo coffee at Publix
  22. Poor elderly Publix workers, feel so bad for them
  23. I wonder if someone will have thermometers in stock today?
  24. Is getting an iced coffee through drive-thru dangerous?
  25. Are restaurants doing curbside or delivery?
  26. Why am I eating again?
  27. How much rice can these kids eat, oh my?
  28. I will not go to Publix again
  29. Oh yeah we are missing toothpaste and milk
  30. Ugh here I go to Publix again
  31. Why can’t these kids tell me what we need ahead of time and not after I came back from Publix
  32. So glad they closed off the amenities because these college kids were celebrating spring break every day at the pool
  33. Is it dangerous to go for a walk?
  34. Screw it, I am going for a walk
  35. I need to work out
  36. I need to stop eating carbs
  37. Why am I hungry again?
  38. I can’t fall asleep
  39. I will watch this American Idol audition just one more time
  40. I hope Steven Furtick has a good word today
  41. I need to learn Tik Tok
  42. I don’t know how to stop watching these Tik Tok videos
  43. Mom needs to stop sharing everything she finds online
  44. I hope my mother in law is taking this quarantine seriously
  45. Why do I check my Instagram so much?
  46. Maybe I should start acrylic painting
  47. Oh my Gosh, I even miss taking my son to soccer four days a week
  48. I wish I could go be on the beach right now
  49. Oh Italy, it breaks my heart to see all of these deaths 
  50. I can’t wait to go back to Italy
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I miss Traveling!
  1. Which Netflix show shall we watch today?
  2. Did Carole kill her ex-husband and feed them to the tigers?
  3. When is this so-called check coming?
  4. We need to stop eating so much
  5. Tomorrow I will make a checklist for chores for the boys
  6. Why can’t he remember to take out the trash
  7. Why is my dog acting like he is so old, he is only about to turn 7
  8. Will we have a horrendous economic meltdown
  9. What is gonna happen?
  10. So should we call it coronavirus or covid19?
  11. Why does life look like an episode of the Fear of the Walking Down
  12. I wish I had masks
  13. When will I ever find Lysol spray again 
  14. Will the middle class disappear
  15. And how is toilet paper related to this whole thing again?
  16. I wish I had a bidet
  17. I can’t believe the luxe bidet is out of stock on Amazon
  18. Maybe I should try online grocery shopping
  19. I can’t believe this guy never delivered my Prime now groceries and kept the tip
  20. I guess I am going to Publix again but now I have gloves at least
  21. I wish we could go to Happy Hour
  22. I am so glad I don’t live in Brazil right now as they have no structure at all
  23. Why does my husband think he is a teenager again
  24. Did I mention I am glad I can’t have kids anymore
  25. So is all of 2020 canceled?
  26. Will everyone be traveling as soon as this is over?
  27. I can’t believe my kids actually miss school, well most of them
  28. I wish the boys had their own rooms
  29. What day is it again? 
  30. Tomorrow I am going to produce so much content
  31. Maybe I can organize all of those 12 years of photo files I have saved from my family
  32. I am so glad I don’t have toddlers right now, quarantine would be crazy 
  33. Will we be back in action in May
  34. Is Easter Canceled? Nope, still celebrating that He has Risen at home plus ordering chocolate
  35. I should have ordered a puzzle
  36. Let me clean my closet
  37. I need to video chat with some friends
  38. I can’t believe it’s time to cook again
  39. I have no idea what I will cook today
  40. When will this thing reach the peak and downward curve
  41. Yay Ozark 3 is out
  42. I can’t believe that Locke & Key finale
  43. What is the Governor going to say today
  44.  Who has red cab on sale?
  45.  OMG I need to try that Tik Tok Frothy Coffee
  46. Is this over yet? 
  47. Today I will put on makeup so I can go online live
  48. I need more sweatpants and cute loungewear
  49. Maybe I will take a timeout in my car
  50. I can’t believe I am actually buying nail polish

What a crazy 2020 this has been so far, stay safe my friends. Stay home. I am learning a lot during this time, what to appreciate and what not to take for granted. And having faith in God so I don’t worry too much about tomorrow.

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