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 Welcome to Spain, a country where the zest of life is as palpable as the warmth of the sun! As a traveler, you might wonder if March is the right time to explore this vibrant land. Pack your bags and prepare to embark on an enchanting journey through Spain’s blooming landscapes, cultural festivities, and mild climates. Spain in March might just be your secret key to experiencing the real essence of Spanish allure, minus the tourist crowds.

Is March a Good Month to Visit Spain?

Absolutely! March marks the transition from the cool, quiet winter to the lively, colorful spring. The crowds are fewer, the prices are better, and the entire country is on the verge of bursting into spring’s vibrant colors. Whether you’re looking to explore the historic streets of Madrid, bask in the Mediterranean sun, or enjoy the colorful festivities, March offers a unique window to experience Spain with more authenticity.

How Hot Will Spain Be in March?

The mercurial weather of March mirrors Spain’s diverse landscapes. In the mountain valleys of the north, where winter still lingers, high temperatures range from the mid-40s to upper 50s Fahrenheit. Further south brings warming relief, as areas like Madrid see more pleasant spring conditions and highs climbing into the 60s.

Meanwhile, along the coast, cities like Barcelona experience gentle sea breezes that moderate temperatures in the low to mid-60s. Yet the balmy breezes blowing north from Africa hint at the true heat soon to come. Andalusian cities like Seville anticipate highs approaching 70 degrees Fahrenheit as the generous sun shines stronger by the day. No matter the region, March offers a tantalizing taste of the warmer seasons ahead in this country of rich geographic contrasts.

Valencia in March

Is March a Rainy Month in Spain?

covering Spain’s Regions in March:

  • Northern Spain: From the rolling green hills of the Basque Country to the rugged cliffs of Asturias, Northern Spain in March is a refreshing escape. Cities like Bilbao and Santiago de Compostela offer cultural richness without the sweltering heat.
  • Southern Spain: Andalusia starts to warm up nicely, making it perfect for visiting the Alhambra in Granada or the vibrant streets of Seville without the intense summer heat.
  • Eastern Spain (including Barcelona): The Mediterranean coast begins to shake off the winter chill. Barcelona, with its bustling streets and Gaudí’s masterpieces, becomes even more enjoyable.
  • Central Spain (including Madrid): The heart of Spain, Madrid, is delightful in March. The days are getting longer, and the city’s parks and outdoor terraces start to come alive.

How Many Days Do You Need For Spain In March?

Planning a trip to Spain in March and wondering how many days to set aside? Well, let’s break it down with a dash of humor and a pinch of practicality.

The Short and Sweet Trip: 7 Days

If you’re on a tight schedule or just want a taste of Spain, a week is your magic number. It’s like speed dating with Spanish cities – a whirlwind romance where you hit the highlights.

Check out a Spain in March Itinerary at the end of the blog post.

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Best Cities To Visit Spain In March

In March, Spain offers a variety of top cities to visit, each with its unique attractions and experiences. Some of the best cities to visit in Spain in March include:

Visiting Spain in May with family
  1. Madrid: The capital city is a great place to enjoy Spain’s culture, cuisine, and nightlife in March.
  2. Granada: This historic city is worth visiting for its rich history and stunning architecture.
  3. Seville: With pleasant temperatures around 15-20°C, Seville is an ideal destination to explore its Catedral de Sevilla, Real Alcázer, Plaza de España, and the Barrio de Santa Cruz.
  4. Cádiz: This coastal city is another great option for a March visit.
  5. Málaga: Málaga is a popular destination on the Mediterranean coast, with a mix of historic sites and beautiful beaches.
  6. Valencia: Valencia is home to the famous Las Fallas festival, which takes place from March 15-19 and features massive ninots (wooden/paper-mache figures) parading through the streets, fireworks, and bonfires.
  7. Ronda: This medieval town in Andalusia is known for its famous stone bridges and is a great destination to visit in March.
  8. Mallorca: This Balearic Island offers a pleasant climate and beautiful beaches, making it an ideal destination for a March visit.

Keep in mind that while the weather in southern Spain is generally warmer in March, it may not be warm enough for swimming at the beaches, so for me I would pick the South.

Another tip for visiting Spain is not to cover too many cities in one trip. It is best you use two base cities and do day trips if you can, as this will give you a better opportunity to explore the richness of this gorgeous country.

marcelo KSEFTfoH ag unsplash

Celebrating March in Spain: Events and Festivities

March in Spain is a time of vibrant celebrations. The most notable is Las Fallas in Valencia, where the city comes alive with fireworks, parades, and the burning of large satirical figures. Meanwhile, Barcelona’s streets might be filled with the beats of local music festivals, and Madrid starts to gear up for its lively spring events.

Photo by Marcelo on Unsplash

Exploring Barcelona in March

Barcelona in March is a dream. The weather is mild, perfect for strolling through Las Ramblas or enjoying a café con leche in an outdoor terrace. The tourist crowds haven’t peaked yet, so you’ll have a better chance of enjoying Gaudí’s Park Güell and Sagrada Familia with some peace.

Daytime in Barcelona during March can be quite pleasant with temperatures around 15°C to 18°C. Evenings are cooler, so carrying a light jacket is wise. The mild climate makes it ideal for leisurely exploring the city’s architectural marvels and beachfront.

IMG 20181106 114332

What to do in Barcelona in March

Here’s a mix of must-do’s and hidden gems to give your readers a slice of Barcelona’s vibrant life:

  1. Stroll Along Las Ramblas: It’s like the red carpet of Barcelona, minus the celebrities (unless you count the street performers). Brimming with energy, it’s a great place for people to watch and soak in the local vibe.
  2. Explore Gaudí’s Masterpieces: You can’t miss Antoni Gaudí’s work when in Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia is a no-brainer, but also check out Park Güell for some whimsical architecture and great city views. Perfect for those Insta-worthy shots!
  3. Discover the Gothic Quarter: Wander through the labyrinthine streets of the Barri Gòtic, where every corner tells a story. The blend of old-world charm and bustling tapas bars is irresistible.
  4. Beach Time at Barceloneta: March might be a bit chilly for a swim, but Barceloneta Beach is still a great spot for a leisurely walk or a seaside paella.
  5. Feast on Tapas: Speaking of food, you’ve got to dive into Barcelona’s tapas scene. Head to local favorites like El Xampanyet for a taste of authentic Catalan bites. I recommend booking a food tour.
  6. Catch a Game at Camp Nou: For the sports enthusiasts among your readers, catching a FC Barcelona match could be a dream come true.
  7. Visit the Picasso Museum: Art lovers will appreciate the extensive collection of Picasso’s work, showcasing his deep connection with the city.
  8. Montjuïc Magic Fountain Show: This spectacular display of light, water, and music is a treat for the senses and makes for a magical evening.
  9. Sip on Vermouth in a Local Bodega: March is a great time to join the locals in one of their favorite pastimes – sipping vermouth in a cozy bodega.
  10. Day Trip to Montserrat: Just a short trip from Barcelona, the mountain of Montserrat with its monastery, is a peaceful escape from the city buzz. Check out this amazing day trip tour.

Photo by D Jonez on Unsplash

Madrid in March: A Time to Visit?

Madrid in March is a spectacle of blooming flowers and lively streets. The temperatures are comfortable, and the city’s grand museums and parks are less crowded. Don’t miss the chance to witness Madrid’s cultural scene start to buzz with excitement.

Things to do in Madrid in March

he Spanish capital is buzzing with life and there’s always something happening, especially as the city shakes off the winter chill and welcomes spring.

  1. Retiro Park: March in Madrid means the flowers are starting to bloom. Retiro Park is like Central Park’s Spanish cousin – but with more sangria and fewer squirrels. It’s perfect for a leisurely stroll or a boat ride in the lake.
  2. Prado Museum: For art aficionados, Prado is like Disneyland. Home to masterpieces by Velázquez, Goya, and El Greco, it’s a place where you can spend hours and still feel like you’ve only scratched the surface.

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  1. Tapas Hopping in La Latina: This district comes alive in March, with outdoor terraces opening up. It’s a culinary treasure hunt – each tapas bar has its own specialty, from patatas bravas to gambas al ajillo.
  2. Royal Palace of Madrid: Even if you’re not into royalty, the sheer scale and opulence of this place are jaw-dropping. Plus, the gardens are a great spot for some serene moments. Get Tickets here.
  3. Explore the Rastro Market: Held every Sunday, El Rastro is a sprawling flea market where you can find anything from vintage clothes to quirky antiques. It’s like eBay, but in real life and with more bargaining.
  4. Flamenco Show: Catching a flamenco show is a must. It’s not just a dance; it’s an emotional journey. Madrid has numerous tablaos where you can experience the passion of flamenco. Top Rated Flamenco Show.
  5. Day Trip to Toledo or Segovia: If your readers are feeling adventurous, a quick trip to Toledo or Segovia offers a peek into Spain’s rich history and architecture. Toledo’s medieval streets feel like a set from Game of Thrones, minus the dragons.
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  1. Savor Churros with Chocolate: Chocolatería San Ginés is a Madrid institution. Their churros and thick hot chocolate are the stuff of legends – perfect for a chilly March morning.
  2. Catch a Soccer Game: If Real Madrid or Atlético Madrid are playing at home, experiencing the electric atmosphere of a Spanish football match is unforgettable.
  3. Attend a Spring Festival: Madrid starts to come alive with various festivals in March. Check out local event listings – there’s always something cultural, musical, or gastronomical going on.

Check out Unique Things to do in Madrid.

Exploring Seville in March: A Fusion of Sunshine and Culture

March in Seville is a period of transformation, where the city shakes off the last whispers of winter and welcomes the gentle warmth of spring. It’s a time when Seville is not just a destination but an experience, brimming with vibrant colors, tantalizing scents, and the lively rhythms of Andalusian life.

Top Things to do in Seville in March

Marvel at the Real Alcázar: A true jewel of Seville, this royal palace is a tapestry of architectural styles, with its stunning Mudéjar architecture, lush gardens, and tranquil courtyards. In March, the gardens are in their springtime glory, making it a perfect time for a visit. Get Real Alcazar Tickets and make sure you book in advance and arrive during your assigned time slot.

Climb the Giralda Tower: Originally a minaret and now the bell tower of the Seville Cathedral, the Giralda offers breathtaking views of the city. The climb is an adventure in itself, with ramps instead of stairs – a unique feature designed for horseback riding to the top. Skip the line tickets.

Experience the Flamenco: Seville and flamenco are an inseparable duo. In March, the chill in the air is just right for cozying up in a flamenco bar. Witness the passionate dance and soul-stirring music that is a hallmark of Andalusian culture. Seville Top Rated Flamenco Show.

Stroll through Barrio Santa Cruz: The historic Jewish quarter of Seville is a labyrinth of narrow streets, whitewashed houses, and hidden plazas. In March, the orange trees are in bloom, filling the air with a sweet, citrusy fragrance.

Relish in the Fiesta de las Cruces: If your visit spills into late March, you might catch the Fiesta de las Cruces, a festival where crosses decorated with flowers adorn public squares, and the city comes alive with music and dance.

Savor the Local Cuisine: March is a great time to indulge in Seville’s culinary delights. From tapas in bustling bars to fine dining under the stars, the city’s food scene is as diverse as it is delicious. Don’t miss trying the local specialty, ‘espinacas con garbanzos’ (spinach with chickpeas).

Explore the Plaza de España: This architectural marvel is even more stunning in the soft light of spring. With its semi-circular brick building, tiled alcoves representing different provinces of Spain, and a canal where you can row boats, it’s a must-visit.

Attend a Semana Santa Procession: Towards the end of March, you might get the chance to witness the solemn beauty of Semana Santa (Holy Week) processions, a deeply rooted tradition in Seville.

Seville in March

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7-Day Spain in March Itinerary

  • Days 1-3: Madrid – Start in the heart of Spain. Madrid in March is like a well-aged wine – just right. Spend your days exploring the Prado Museum, wandering through the Retiro Park, and experiencing the city’s vibrant nightlife.
  • Days 4-5: Seville – Next, jet off to Seville. Two days here lets you soak up the Andalusian charm, visit the Real Alcázar, and maybe catch a flamenco show.
  • Days 6-7: Barcelona – End your trip with a bang in Barcelona. Marvel at Gaudí’s Sagrada Família, stroll along the beach, and get lost in the Gothic Quarter.

The ‘I Want More’ Trip: 14 Days in Spain

Got two weeks? Perfecto! This is your chance to dive deeper into Spain’s diverse regions.

  • Days 1-3: Madrid
  • Days 4-6: Seville
  • Day 7: Granada – Spend a day visiting the Alhambra, a breathtaking palace that’s a testament to Moorish architecture.
  • Days 8-9: Valencia – Head to the home of paella and the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences.
  • Days 10-14: Barcelona – Give yourself a few extra days to fully experience the Catalan culture, art, and cuisine.

The ‘Leave No Stone Unturned’ Trip: 21 Days in Spain

Three weeks in Spain? Now we’re talking! This is for those who want to live and breathe Spain, from the bustling cities to the sleepy villages.

  • Days 1-4: Madrid
  • Days 5-7: Seville
  • Day 8: Córdoba – A day trip to see the mesmerizing Mezquita.
  • Day 9: Granada
  • Days 10-11: Valencia
  • Days 12-16: Barcelona
  • Days 17-18: Bilbao – Venture north to the land of Basque culture and the Guggenheim Museum.
  • Days 19-21: Santiago de Compostela – End your journey in this Galician gem, known for its famous pilgrimage route and stunning cathedral.


Spain in March is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. From the blooming landscapes and cultural festivities to the mild climate and diverse regions, it’s a time when Spain shows off its unique blend of tradition and vibrant modernity. So, why wait? Embrace the adventure, and let Spain in March captivate your heart and fill your travel diary with unforgettable memories.

Remember, every journey is personal and unique. Tailor your trip to your interests, and don’t hesitate to stray off the beaten path. Spain is much more than its stereotypes, and March is the perfect time to discover its true essence. ¡Buen viaje!

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